Chapter 14 - The bandits' turf

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"There's no end to them, my lord!" the advisor shouted as he fought two bandits at the same time.

After he managed to kill them, three more came down from a tree. Panting and without any time to rest, he engaged the new enemies.

The lord Alonso didn't say answered the man he trusted most; he himself was too busy fighting.

Instead of words, however, he simply swung Tetsuko faster, killing another bandit.

As the criminal fell, his faceless body was added to the number of corpses around the noble's horse.

But before the lord could rest the blade and breath, more bandits showed up.

"There's no end to them," Enrique said again, wincing as he raised his double-handed sword once again. "In this clearing, they have the advantage... we'll be surrounded the entire time..."

"Don't worry, sir!" one of the soldiers said as he struggled with a single enemy. "We'll protect you with our lives!"

"Yes!" another shouted.

"So that was their aim," Alonso muttered, ignoring how tired he was as he raised Tetsuko.

The fight only became messier and bloodier. As more corpses were added to the pile, the bandits managed to push back the army with sheer number alone.

In the midst of that, the criminals put their plan to separate the soldiers from their leaders in action.

Little by little, they managed to push the lord, the advisor, and a small group of soldiers to a clearing.

Then the battle became even fiercer.

It's as if they think now that the lord is separated from the main army, they can kill him with ease, Tetsuko thought.

No matter how many Alonso, Enrique and the four soldiers killed, more bandits appeared from behind or up the trees.

"It's like the rumors said," one of the soldiers said, panting too much. Even as he blocked a blow and strike back, the fear was plain in his eyes. "They'll fight to the end for their leader..."

"This will only end if we can kill them all," another said.

"So what? That's what we'll do! We'll kill them all! We'll make them pay for terrorizing the people!" the largest the soldier screamed.

Driven by his words, he swung his hammer with both hands. It struck the bandit he fought in the head, killing the man right away.

But before he could turn to the next enemy, another appeared and stabbed him in the back.

He howled and run backwards, ramming and crushing the bandit against a tree. The largest soldier killed the woman, but the next moment, he fell to his knees.

Blood spilled from his mouth, and it was obvious; the wound on his back was mortal.

"No!" all the soldiers screamed at the same time.

Two rushed to him. But their path was blocked by a new enemy; no one had time to mourn their companion's death.

More and more bandits appeared, trying to take advantage of the situation.

Two sneaked behind the soldier closest to the dying one.

For a moment, they almost succeeded in killing once more.

But the lord had noticed them.

With an amazing speed, Alonso slashed Tetsuko at them, taking both their lives with one attack.

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