Chapter 4 - The one who wields - part 1

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Fire and death spread through the forest. The screams of fear and pain filled and cut the air.

Even from the hidden and safe cave of the Forest Tribes, everyone could hear.

Those screams filled and echoed on stone walls, growing even louder, as if the cries came from the cave itself.

As if a monster could appear and kill them all.

Fael trembled and cried.

He hugged his head, covering his ears.

It made no difference. He still could hear the screams. His body didn't stop shaking.

The boy felt in his soul. Their forest no longer belonged to them.

Why... why is this happening...? Why now...? We should be celebrating... This should be a time of joy... like always...

The boy cried even louder.

The elder woman by his side pulled him and a girl closer, hugging both her grandchildren.

Fael knew his grandmother wanted to comfort him with words, to say that everything would be okay.

But even she couldn't bring herself to say those words.

She was just as scared as him.

The boy wrapped his arms tiny around her, trying to find the usual comfort he felt from the elder woman.

He found it, but not enough to quell his fears.

The girl, unlike Fael, didn't tremble nor cry.

She showed no reaction as her grandmother embraced her tighter.

Faela had her eyes closed, her face hard and tense.

The only thing she appeared to do was barely breathe.

But the boy knew better. He knew what his sister was doing.

She was concentrating, listening to any sound near the cave.

Despite being a year younger than Fael, she clutched their father's old Spear Boar's tusk spear with both hands, ready to use if anyone of the invaders found the hidden cave.

Unlike Fael, Faela had the talent with weapons. A talent as a warrior.

From a young age, everyone recognized her skill.

She was destined to fight, to protect.

She was destined to have her named told by the Forest Tribes' Keepers of the History.

If not for Faela, I... we'd all be dead, the boy thought, trembling even more with the memory.

He turned to his sister, staring at that hard face, trying to find even a little of courage she had.

He wanted to hug her, to silently thank her for saving them when their world began to crumble.

But he stopped himself.

She needs to concentrate right now... I can't get in her way... She can't be disturbed... She'll save us... just like before...

Every men and women, old and young, everyone who belonged to the Forest Tribes knew what to do in case of trouble.

And when all the birds flew, and their screeches filled the air, everyone could tell there was something wrong.

In an instant, everyone knew that whatever scared the birds, did not belong to the forest.

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