Chapter 7 - Fael from the Forest Tribes

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So that was the life of and death of Fael, a member of the Forest Tribes, the sword though after the young man breathed for the last time and the life faded from his eyes the next moment.

After that, he and the elders were branded traitors...

Fael chose to sacrifice himself so the rest of this people wouldn't die fighting in other people's fight... But he could've never imagined the kingdom would send so many to deal with the 'traitors' who let the enemy into their lands. Especially after dealing with the Sand People's entire army.

But in the end, at least his death wasn't for nothing. Fael and the others' sacrifice stopped the tragedy of ten years from happening again...

Or will the kingdom wipe the rest of them afterwards?

But no matter how much Tetsuko thought, she wouldn't reach a conclusion.

I'm just a sword, after all. All I can do is to be wielded. I cannot change the fate of anything... even my own... To kill or to protect, even that depend on the one who wields me.

Even after dying, Fael didn't let go of the sword.

That made Tetsuko smiled in her mind.

To die and still hold their weapon... that's a true warrior. Someone worthy of wielding a sword like me.

She wanted to close his eyes, but without hands, there was nothing she could do except pray for his soul.

Rest, Fael of the Forest Tribe. Rest in peace knowing your story won't be forgotten.

After she finished praying, Tetsuko looked around.

There didn't seem to have any sign of life on the battlefield beside the crows circling the skies.

Guess I'll have to wait until the rats shows up... Wonder if there are scavengers in this world too...?

Tetsuko cursed her lack of control over herself and wondered how much time she would have to wait until her next wielder showed up.

She closed the eyes she didn't have and awaited...


"This was brutal..." a voice spoke, awaking the sword.

Even from the distance, Tetsuko felt the shock in the boy's voice.

"And that's 'cause the Kingdom couldn't send the real army after dealin' with the Sand-Eaters. If they had, this would've been a total massacre," another voice replied.

Three people were walking through the battlefield.

One pulled a shabby wooden cart while the others were bending over the bodies and collecting everything useful.

Tetsuko could see swords, spears, armor, helmets, boots, leather vests. Still in one piece or broken, they picked it up and threw on the cart.

For a moment they stopped. The taller one bent over a body and grunted as he tried to roll the cadaver to the side.

"Will you two stop starin' like idiots and help me with this shit?" she snapped, and the others hurried to help her.

So there are scavengers in this world too, Tetsuko thought, smiling.

For some reason, the idea was recomforting.

After they managed to roll the dead body, they stripped him of his armor and any other valuable.

Then they moved on to the next body, getting closer and closer to Tetsuko.

They weren't the only scavenger group on the battlefield.

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