Chapter 40 - The downhill battle

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After Cecilia's scream, the army left the higher ground and rode to meet the Worshipers. They planned to run down them.

And it worked. At first.

In the confusion after the explosions, the enemy had lost over half their numbers and was caught off guard. When the army came riding towards them, they had no idea what to do.

But soon they reorganized. Instead of moving away from the places of the explosions, they moved even closer.

They don't just rely on their brutal strength, Tetsuko realized as they got closer.

With all the debris and holes here and there, it was hard for the horses to run at full speed.

And there was something the army had not predicted; the Worshipers were using the debris as weapons, throwing boulders bigger than a human's torso at a tremendous speed.

"Shit!" Alonso shouted and pulled the reins to make his horse stop. A dead soldier had been thrown at the Lord and almost got him.

The closest Worshipers didn't waste the chance and leapt towards him.

Yes! Yes!

Tetsuko was waiting for that. From the moment they came running down the hill, she had been making her Celeste flow faster inside her.

Alonso swung her against the Worshipers and they didn't even bother to block.

They were sliced in half before they noticed and died.

Though it was only a little, Tetsuko absorbed some of their energy, feeling it rush inside her metal body.

That demonic energy is amazing! What a rush!

And that was only a little... No wonder they're so strong.

I want more...

Another Worshiper leapt towards Alonso, who swung Tetsuko to defend himself. This time, however, the woman blocked with her arms and her energy.

Though the blade cut one arm and dug deep into the other, it wasn't enough to stop her impulse and she crashed against the Lord.

Alonso fell from the horse with the woman on top of him.

"You'll die in the name of the True God!" she shouted, trying to crush his throat with her remaining hand. "Filthy who dare to hurt the Vessels of the True God!"

Thanks to the wound, her arms had lost almost all strength, and even Alonso could hold the woman with only one hand.

But that wasn't the problem.

The blood flowing from the cut, dripping on the Lord's face, was.

He closed the mouth shut and turned his head away.

Even so, the blood was too close.

The woman took advantage of that and pressed him.

I won't let you. Tetsuko made her energy circle insider her. Just like the weapons she helped create, her metal body vibrated.

The edge, still stuck at the Worshiper's arm, began digging deeper, scraping flesh and blood until it hit bone.

The woman shouted and tried to get rid of the sword by swinging the arm.

The blade cut of the rest of the arm.

More blood fell on the Lord.

She clenched her jaw to stop the scream.

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