Chapter 15 - The Lord Alonso

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Alonso should be in pain, and yet he barely seemed to breathe as he watched the bandits.

Despite his condition, the lord never took his eyes off them. He observed without focusing on neither, paying attention to each and any movement.

The largest of the bandit was a fat man over two meters tall who carried two axes.

The other was slim bald one held a two-handed sword almost as tall as him.

And the third was a short woman with two daggers.

These three are much different than all the bandits so far, the soul in the sword thought, glancing at each one in turn. But you already can sense that...

The bandits smiled as they got closer and closer. But those smiles were too creepy.

They were smiles of people who wanted to toy and torture their victim before killing him.

Tetsuko waited in silence, making her energy boil inside her.

Everything was quiet in the clearing.

There was no wind. There was no sound of animals.

The nature was quiet there.

Even Alonso's heart seemed to stop beating.

Then the fat bandit banged his axes together.

In the silence, the sound of the metal colliding filled the small clearance, echoing through the trees as if someone was drumming.

The moment the lord's eyes focused on him, the other two moved.

The bald bandit slashed at Alonso with his two-handed sword.

At the same time, the woman leaned forward and ran, aiming at the lord's legs with her dagger.

Alonso stood still for a heartbeat.

Then he advanced towards the axes wielding bandit.

The surprised crossed the trio's face for a moment. But that brief moment was all Alonso needed.

Fat blocked Tetsuko with both weapons. But he wasn't fast enough to react when Alonso spun around him and stopped at his back.

The lord was too close to use his sword, so he slammed his shoulder against the fat bandit, pushing him towards the other two.

Bald and Woman got out of the way in time.

Alonso took advantage of the momentary distraction and ran towards the bald bandit

When he was close enough, he slashed Tetsuko horizontally.

The bandit reacted in the last moment, blocking the attack with his weapon.

Tetsuko concentrated her energy and made it boil.

In the next moment, the surprise crossed the bandit's eyes as the lord's blade cut through his sword as if it was made of cloth.

Bald could to nothing as Tetsuko went through him around the waist.

He looked down. For a moment, he seemed unhurt. Then blood slowly gushed from his wound.

Slowly, the bandit saw himself cut in two pieces.

It took a moment, but when his mind registered his death, he screamed.

He dropped his sword and tried to hold himself with his hands.

But there was nothing he could do.

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