Chapter 50 - The sword and the wielder

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As Faela and Alonso crossed blades, Tetsuko focused, concentrating on two things at once. Part of her mind kept her energy at her handle to stop the ancient Celeste from poisoning her.

The other half of her slowed down the unconscious flow that coursed through her body naturally. Because of that, her edge became dull and could not even cut brittle paper.

Even so, her metal body was still a blade, a weapon. In the hands of a strong and skillful wielder like the worshiper, she could still be used to crush Faela's bones if he landed a hit.

However, not only she wasn't wounded, the soldier was stronger and even more skilled than Alonso was.

She dodged when she could and deflected Tetsuko when she couldn't. And when neither were possible, Faela met the enemy's dull weapon with her sword.

Tetsuko knew there was a limit to that though. Even someone like her will trouble to withstand the brute of a worshiper head on. And when his wounds heal completely, she'll die.

I need to do something before that, Tetsuko though, forcing her mind to the limit to find a way to help Alonso. Not only for my wielder, but for the man who wielded me for the first time. I still remember Fael's last request. To hear his story. And to tell the world, to his sister.

But what can I do?

Cooling half her energy to dull her edge and holding the ancient and dark Celeste at the same time was harder and more exhausting than she imagined. If Faela could at least hold him down for an instant...

The soul in the sword knew she was asking too much. She's already doing everything she can to stop him.

As time passed, and his wounds healed, the worshiper pressed harder and harder against the soldier.

Faela wasn't only in the defensive though. Whenever she found an opening in Alonso's wild and enraged attacks, she didn't miss the brief chance and struck. However, even though her weapon stabbed at the worshiper's broken elbow or wounded shoulder, it only managed to get a scream from the enemy.

It wasn't enough to slow him down anymore. And even worse, as the ancient Celeste rushed to heal the latest wound, it grew wilder and healed the old ones faster.

At this rate, she'll die along with Alonso's ember...

Despite the effort, Tetsuko closed her eyes and concentrated in her, in her metal body, in her soul. She could feel the energy inside her, still and cool at the edge and hard at the handle.

If I wanna help Alonso, I can't just stop that poison. I need to do the same... To push back and take control... Just like when I moved his wrist for an instant.

Taking deep breaths in her mind, she tried to move her energy only in the center of her body. However, just as always, it flowed on the edge, sharpening her. At once she pulled back and made it slow down.

Even so, she wasn't fast enough. In the same instant, Faela winced when she deflected Tetsuko. When the blade missed her, it slashed through the stone with ease instead of crushing as it had been so far.

Though the soldier glanced at it through the corner of her eyes, she was already facing the worshiper.

"Even with your soul taken by a monster, you still have your skill, my lord." Despite her smile, her voice was strained. Even if she tried to hide it, she was panting.

Tetsuko couldn't help but chuckle. Even in this situation, she can still smile. Guess she's an idiot who enjoys this kind of fights, just like that idiot woman with one arm.

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