Chapter 21 - Defeated

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With a loud thud, Alonso fell on the mud.

He tried to keep his consciousness, but when his head hit against the ground, he fainted.

Even so, he didn't let go of Tetsuko, his fingers clenched tightly around her handle.

The former Sword of the king tried to pry from his hands, but Alonso's fingers refused to let go of his weapon.

He might have fainted, but my wielder's energy is still flowing as if he's fighting... thought it's slowing down, the soul in the sword realized.

Nicolas grabbed Alonso's hand by the wrist and forced the fingers to open.

Tetsuko could do nothing as the former Sword of the King took her from the lord's hand and placed her metal body in his waist. Then he lifted Alonso's limp and unconscious body and placed over his shoulder, carrying him like a bag of rice with one arm.

Even without looking, the soul in the sword knew; no one would help her wielder.

No one had even realized what had happened to their commander.

They're too busy with fighting for their own lives...

The dark brown and smelly smoke became thicker, but the soldiers and the bandits continued fighting, the sounds of metal and screams of pain mixing in the air.

But they have the advantage now...

I can tell they have trouble seeing in this fog too...

Then she realized. The bandits are attacking those who cough!

Even without seeing Nicolas face due to the cloth he used to cover his mouth, she could tell he was smiling.

It was his plan... It wasn't the forest's bandits who orchestrated this...

The soul in the blade turned to where the soldiers and the bandits fought, sensing their energies.

I recognize some, but most are different... stronger... more powerful...

She turned back to the former lord.

I can't be a coincidence that he has the same twisted energy as Lucky Chaos...

It could mean that he has some connection with the lord... and if that's true, he knew about my wielder's plan...

Nicolas was almost reaching the hills, getting out of the path and heading to the safety of the forest when a soldier bumped into him.

The young man was fighting a bandit, but he lost his balance when he swung at nothing. But then, even through the thick fog, he realized what was happening. But he didn't live long to save his commander.

Even with one hand, the former Sword of the King drew Tetsuko with an amazing speed.

Shit, Tetsuko exclaimed, concentrating.

The moment the fingers close around her handle, she made her energy circle inside her. It became wild and almost out of control, but she managed to throw it to the other side, trying to prevent her edge from killing the soldier.

But it made no difference; she couldn't anything as Nicolas killed the soldier before the young man could make a sound.

Damn it...

It's so frustrating... I can't even refuse to be used to kill someone I knew...

But there was something worse. She couldn't stop herself from devouring a bit of his energy, of his soul as her edge slashed at his throat.

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