Chapter 60 - Cat

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It's like they're afraid to make a sound, Tetsuko thought. Though there were many people on the street, everyone was as quiet as could be. No one made any sound even as they walk. There was complete silence. It wasn't only here. Most of the town was the same.

"Everyone's afraid," Anna only whispered, but it was enough for her voice to echo as if she had screamed. Everyone turned to her, fear stamped on their faces.

"That's not a surprise," spoke Faela in the same low tone, ignoring the fearful looks. "They must've figured out the attacks were getting more frequent."

When a carriage turned around the corner, everyone stopped to watch. The driver lowered his head, afraid to meet their eyes as the horse's hooves hit the stone floor, the sound so loud it seems more than one horse was pulling the cart. As he stopped at a store for a delivery, one of the men dropped a crate. The bang was so loud some trembled in fear of another monster. Even Anna grabbed the handle of her sword.

Faela touched her hand gently. Only then she realized her fingers were pale and let go of her weapon. "Sorry," she whispered.

"Don't be. You need to be cautious. That will keep you alive," Faela said.


You almost sound like a master, Tetsuko projected her thoughts to them.

"She is my master," Anna said with a smile.

Faela let out a weak laugh. "I'm far from one. Your father is a master."

The mention of her father made her lower her head. "Dad..."

"Don't worry. We'll find a way to help him," Faela assured her.

Don't you mean me?

"We're partners."

You say that, but it seems I'll be doing all the work.

"We're one sword, one soul."

Tetsuko couldn't help but chuckle. Can't believe I'm hearing the same thing in this world.


Nothing, the soul in the sword projected her thoughts to the swordswomen. That was the name of the sword style back in my world. I never imagined I'd hear it here.

Before her wielder could say anything, a scream echoed through the street. They ran towards it without a second thought.

There was a crowd surrounding something a few streets from where they were. Everyone whispered, but it was hard to understand anything. However, there was one thing they knew; the people were afraid.

"Excuse me," Anna said, trying to get past the people, but they didn't even hear her.

"Let us through," Faela ordered, pushing people out of the way.

At the center of the crowd, there was a woman sitting on the floor. She held a knife covered with blood with both hands so hard her fingers were colorless. By her side was a dead dog.

"What happened?" Faela asked, kneeling next to her.

"I-I-I heard a noise," she managed to say despite trembling. "The d-dog came out o-of the alley... H-he shook and growled... a-and white foam came from his mouth..."

The swordswoman touched her hands and gently lowered them. When the fingers weren't so rigid, she took the knife from her and handed it to Anna. "Everything's gonna be okay. You weren't hurt, were you?"

"N-no... I-I k-killed him w-when the f-foam..." the woman trembled so much she couldn't talk anymore.

"Can you sense anything?" Faela whispered to her sword.

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