Chapter 18 - Lucky Chaos

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"I'm sorry for showing up so suddenly, Lord Alonso," the man known as Lucky Chaos said when he entered the tent. Despite his friendly tone, there was something eerie in his voice. "I was taking care of some business in the area when the word about you chasing a bandits' group got out. After I heard what happened in the forest, I had to come to see you. In the name of the friendship I had with your father."

"No need to apologize, Lord Dale. You're welcome here... always... and I thank you for your concern," Alonso said. Despite his polite tone, Tetsuko could tell he was doing his best to not let his true feelings out. The younger noble managed to bow to the older man.

Lord Dale was indeed a man who looked much older than he should.

With a thin white hair, a barely existing mustache and his frail appearance, he looked like an old man despite only ten years older than Alonso.

His appearance makes people underestimate him... I bet no one who meets him for the first time believes the rumors...

However, the soul inside the sword could see beyond that frail appearance.

His energy... it doesn't feel human...

Without taking her eyes from the man, Tetsuko focused.

If she still had a human body, she would have winced.

His energy is too twisted and soiled... and deep...

As if it could distort anything that gets close enough...

Maybe that's the cause of his nickname, the soul in the sword thought, watching the man all the time.

Lucky Chaos took off his traveling coat. The moment he did that, one of his soldiers offered to take the clothes.

"Thanks," he said to his man before dismissing him.

"Please, have a seat, my Lord," Alonso said, gesturing to one of the chairs around the table where the maps were.

Dale showed a friendly smile and sat.

"Thank, Alonso. I've been traveling for long. It feels good to sit on something other than a saddle," he said, letting out a hearty laugh.

The squire who stood in the corner came forward. Despite his nervousness, he poured three cups of wine without dropping a single drop and then left under Enrique's silent command.

Lucky Chaos accepted his drink. Then he took his time observing the maps as he drank.

"So the bandits got away," he said in a low voice, putting the glass down, the smile fading from his face as he looked at the younger lord.

It was hard to tell if he was mocking Alonso or not.

"The battle... was tougher than I predicted... I underestimated the bandits," he admitted, lowering his eyes. The frustration was plain in his voice.

"Don't feel ashamed, my friend. I'm not blaming you. And I doubt anyone important will," Dale said, drinking another sip of his wine. "The forest's bandits were never to be taken lightly... But now that's in the past. What's important is the next step. Do you have any clue where they headed?"

The lord and his advisor exchanged looks.

What will you do, my wielder? Will you tell everything to the man who could be your ruin?

Tetsuko observed the man who swung her struggle to make his decision.

Before Lucky Chaos had arrived, Alonso and Enrique had discussed sharing their knowledge with the other lord.

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