Chapter 9

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       Thomas. Minho. Newt. Aris. Fry. Teresa. Matt. Their names on a headstone. In the pouring rain. All 7 graves in a line. I feel tears pouring down my face as a voice in my ear come up. "You failed them... you failed them all." My mother says. I turn around to see her blurred out face. "You killed them all." She says as everything vanished and i'm thrown into a pit of darkness.
       "Y/N! Get up! We have to go!" Newt says. I sit straight up with tear stains and I hug him. He wraps his arms around me as I see everyone grab their stuff. "Theirs no time. Look." Newt says letting go of me and pointing to the mountains. It was a lit up building. "The Right Army?" I say. "We don't know. Look that way." He says pointing to the clouds behind us. Their pitch black with some lightning striking the ground. "Oh shit!" I say getting up and getting my stuff. "Come on! Let's go!" Thomas yells as we all run in the direction of the building. I let everyone go ahead of me as Minho says, "Go! Right behind you!" I nod and sprint behind everyone staying in the back. We run for our lives from this storm to the building. I hear the thunder behind us making my ears slightly ring. Thomas makes it first and opens a door. "Come on let's go!" He yells. Fry, Matt, and Aris make it in there. I look back at Minho to see him look up. His hair is sticking straight in the air. I watch as Lightning strikes him and he falls to the ground. "Minho!" I yell running back to him. I slide on the ground as I watch him lay unconscious. I put his arm over me as Newt came to do the same. "Fry, hold the door!" Thomas says as he runs to help us out. Newt and I carry him to the door. We make it inside and Fry shuts the door leaving us in pitch black. We drop Minho on the ground as Aris says, "Someone get a light." Teresa digs through her bag and hands me a flashlight. I turn it on and point it at his face. "Minho? Minho wake up!" I say touching his face. "Come on man don't be dead." Fry says. There is silence as I crouch over Minho's body. He lays there with no movement whatsoever. Minho groans in pain and opens his eyes. I smile as I let out a huge breath or relief. "What happened?" Minho asks. I look at Newt and Thomas as I somewhat giggle. "You were struck by lightning." I say. Minho smiles and says, "Oh." I help him up as Teresa points her flashlight around. "It smells awful in here." Matt says. "Uh, guys." Teresa says before a Crank coms running at her. Thomas pulls Teresa back as I watch the crank try to get to us. "It's chained." I say. The crank reaches its hands out trying its best to grab Teresa. Newt looks at me and says, "N/N, behind you!" Newt grabs my arm and pulls me toward him. I look to see a whole bunch of them with chains. Newt puts his arm around my back and pulls me into him. I put my hand on his chest as I do with my head. The crinkling sound of the chains fill my ear drums as they are inches away from us. "I see you met our guard dogs." A female voice says. A light turns on in a doorway as she walks out and around the cranks as if there is some sort of path. She gets to us and stops. "You guys look like shit. Come with me." She says starting to walk back but then turns, "Unless you want to stay out here with them." She walks into the lit room. I look at Newt and I start to walk in the direction she went in.
"Jorge wants to meet you." The girl says as we walk behind her. She has dark shorter hair and dark brown eyes. As she's walking, she continues, "He needs to ask you some questions." I look around to see a lot of people on this 'camp'. "Who's Jorge?" Thomas asks. "What kind of questions?" I question. She turns around to us and says, "You'll see." As were walking, we get god awful stares of the other people here. I look at Thomas as I cringe. I have a bad feeling. The girl runs up a flight of stairs. She brings us to a room with a lot of dirty windows as she sits on the couch. We all look ahead at what looks like an older man. At least looks like that from the back. The darker skin man turns around revealing his face. "Do you ever think the whole world is against you?" I'm guessing the man named Jorge asks. He pours some alcohol into a glass and walks closer to us. "3 questions. Where did you come from? Where are you going? How can I profit?" He says standing in front of me. No one speaks as silence fills the room. Jorge looks at all of us and says, "Don't all answer at once." He waits for someone to answer his question. I look around as all of his men around us laugh. "We're looking for the Right Army." Thomas finally says. All the men in the room begin to laugh once again. "You're looking for ghost you mean." Jorge says. "Question number two. Where did you come from?" Jorge asks. I look at Newt as I say, "That's our business." Jorge looks at me and all the sudden, a big figure grabs me and holds me tight. "Let go of me!" I say as the girl grabs a device and scans my neck. "What is that!?" I ask. "Holy shit. You were right." The woman says showing Jorge the device. "Right about what?" Newt asks. Jorge looks at us and smiles. "I'm sorry hermana. Looks like your tagged. You came from Wicked... which means... you're very valuable." Jorge says. I look at Newt as he inches closer to me. All the men around us start to close in on us. Well Shit.
All the blood rushes to my head as I notice where we are. "Good call Thomas." Minho says sarcastically. We are left hanging upside down our legs tied on a rope. "Let's talk to the man. Really working out for us." Minho adds. "Shut up Minho." Thomas says. We all hang here confused about what to do. "Maybe we can reach the rope." Thomas suggests as he struggles to get up. "Enjoying the view?" Jorge comes in asking as he's holding some kind of cane. "What the hell do you want?" I hear Newt ask. Jorge walks closer. "That is the question. My men want to sell you back to Wicked. Life isn't worth something so small. I'm not like that. Something tells me you're not either." Jorge says standing there starring at Thomas and I. "Is the blood rushing to my head, or is this shank not making any sense?" Minho asks as Jorge looks at him with a death stare. "Tell me what you know about the Right Army." Jorge asks pointing his cane at me. "I thought you said they are ghosts." Newt asks with confusion in his expression. "I happen to believe in ghosts." Jorge says walking over to a lever. "Especially when I hear them chattering on the air waves." Jorge adds. Jorge grabs the lever and says, "You tell me what you know and maybe we can make a deal." I look over at Newt as he lifts an eyebrow. "We don't know much." I say. Jorge shrugs and pulls the lever. We're all sent down a foot and jerked back up. I feel myself begin to hyperventilate. I look over at Newt again as he takes in a deep breath remarking I should do that also. "Okay okay!" Thomas yells. "Their hiding in the mountains. And they attacked Wicked. They got a bunch of kids. That's all we know!" Thomas says. Jorge says looking around thinking. I can hear his breathing from here. He was about to say something until one of his men walks in. "Jorge. What's going on?" The bald man questions looking at me. "Me and my new friends were just getting to know each other. We're done now." Jorge says looking over at Thomas. "Whoa wait. Your not going to help us?" Thomas questions. The bald man looks at Jorge is suspicion. "Don't worry hermano. Well get you back where you belong."Jorge says walking away. "Hang tight!" Jorge yells before leaving the room.

Brenda's PoV
       I watch as Jorge packs his stuff in his small satchel. "Going somewhere?" I ask. "We both are. Pack you things, but do it quietly." Jorge says walking by me to his working desk. "Where exactly are we going?" I ask as I watch him pack walkie-talkies. "These kids are the tickets to the Right Army. We can let this opportunity go to waste." He says walking away.
       "So what you're just going to give up? Everything you've built here?" I ask as Jorge shouts me down. "There's no future here. What happens when another gang finds this place? And I loose control. And I can't protect you." He says walking around with his satchel. "I don't need you to protect me." I say following him. He turns to me and asks, "What happens if you get the flare? What am I supposed to do then? Chain you up? Watch you turn? Put a bullet in your head? Is that what you expect from me?" I look at him with disbelief. "I would do the same for you." I say as we hear helicopters and we see search lights.

Y/N's POV ~after Jorge left~
       The bald man grabs a stick and pulls my rope to the edge. He unties me and looks at me. "You're helping us?" I question. He looks at me and a small smirk goes across his face. "Janson misses you." He says grabbing my arm so tight and takes me with him. "No! Let me go! Newt! Minho! Thomas!" I yell. "What the hell!" Minho says trying to squirm free. "Let go of her!" Newt demands. "Fight Y/N!" Thomas yells as he try's to get free. I try wiggling free but it's too late. He tosses me over his shoulder as I kick and punch with all my might. I look back at Newt to see his face go expressionless as the bald man turns the corner.
       "This is the World Catastrophe Kill Zone Department. We have your building completely surrounded. You have the possession of Wicked property. Return them to us unharmed. Or every last one of you will die!" I hear Jansons voice say over the intercom of the helicopter. The bald man throws me in this small room and locks the door. "Hey! Let me out! Let me out!" I yell beating on the door with tears in my eyes.

Thomas' POV
      Teresa pulls the lever and unties herself on the edge with the help of Minho pushing her there. She uses the sticks to help all of us up. She gets Newt up last and he comes to me with teary eyes. "Thomas?" He says. "Well find her." I say hugging him. The bald man comes back in with a shot gun and holds it at us. "Stop right there!" He says. We all put our hands. "Look man. We just have to get out of here." I say as he steps forward. "Janson. I have them. I'm bringing them to you." He says into his walkie-talkie. Catching him off guard, I grab the barrel of the gun and I point it up as he shoots it up. I hit my head against his as he falls back but manages to get back up still pointing the gun. "Oh, your dead now!" he says when I hear a gunshot. I close my eyes bracing for impact but I open them to see the short hair girl there with a gun. The bald man falls to the ground. I watch as the Wicked walkie-talkie falls to the ground.  "I'm Brenda. Follow me!" She says. We all shrug and follow her up to Jorge's place. "We have to hurry!" Brenda says when music starts to play throughout the building. Her eyes widen as we make it to Jorge's place. 'I will be walking... after midnight.' the song plays out so loud the bass hurts my eardrums.  "What about Y/N?" Newt questions. "Where is she?" Brenda asks. Jorge pulls out this zip line type thing and says, "Hurry! I have a way. Follow me." "That bald man took her somewhere!" Teresa says. Frypan gulps. "You have got to be kidding me." He says in a worrying tone. "You guys want to get to the Right Army? I'll lead you to them." Jorge says. He grabs the zip line and goes off.  "You guys go! I'll find her!" Brenda says running off. "Newt! Go ahead! I'm right behind you!" I say as Newt zip lines down the line. I look back where Brenda ran and I follow her.

       "Please someone help me! Newt! Thomas! Minho!" I say with tears dropping down my cheeks. The door opens as a Wicked guard puts his gun up. He grabs me on the arm in the same place as the bald man and starts running. "No!" I yell bawling as I fall to the ground. He starts dragging me as he then slowly falls to the ground. Not moving. I turn to see the girl with short hair and Thomas. I get up and I wrap my arms around Thomas. "Let's go!" the girl yells. "We have to hurry before the song is over!" She yells jumping over the rail and walks on this small beam. Balancing. I do the same as Thomas is right behind me. The Wicked guards say, "Freeze." I look back at them as the song suddenly ends as the sound of explosions fill my ears. Thomas puts his body over me and pushes me against the railing to protect me from debris. The explosions stop as the main support beams start to collapse. "Y/N! Go!" Thomas yells pushing me over the railing. We all three drop down this elevator shaft and land in some sort of basement. I look up to see rubble come down the shaft. We all three run out of the way as we fall into total darkness.

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