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What If It Wasn't Thomas by AfsheenShaik
What If It Wasn't Thomasby Afreen&afsheen Shaik
After escaping the maze amme and her friends were recurrent by people who called themselves the scorch. But thomas and amme can't shake off the feel that the scorch isn'...
Janson (scorch trials)- wicked games by silverwolfofwinter
Janson (scorch trials)- wicked gam...by Morgan
The scorch trials. Janson takes a group to train and you become his top student but for other reasons other than just your skills. I forgot what this story was about...
Betrayed | the maze runner, Newt by EvonyChavez
Betrayed | the maze runner, Newtby Evony Chavez
The name's Zara Janson. I saved them, they saved me. I loved him, he loved me. I hated him, he hated me. That's why I killed him. //All credits go to James Dashner! \\ ...
The Hooded Girl  by rebourntrees
The Hooded Girl by reborntrees
•BOOK ONE• "They. Are. Coming," I say slowly. "In less than two minutes they'll be at this door," I shake my head, pointing to their bunker's door...
The WCKED Girl || Janson Maze Runner by XxLost_Girl192xX
The WCKED Girl || Janson Maze Runn...by XxLost_Girl192xX
A 20 year old girl caught the attention of Ava Paige, the creator of WCKED. She offered the young girl a job with them. The girl agreed and started working as a scientis...
flower. newt by georgescumwater
flower. newtby 𝘌𝘓𝘓𝘐𝘚
❝we made it.❞ ❝bye bitches!!❞ Subject B2: The killer Subject A5: The glue #1 in Sonya (03.26.21) #1 in Harriet (04.07.21) #2 in Harriet (07.07.21) #1 in Janson (11.24.21)
The Scorch Trials. The Only Female. by WinterWolf_0208_
The Scorch Trials. The Only Female.by Madison Chenoweth
Everyone had made it out of the Maze that wanted to go, but was that the end? Will they be free from WICKED? Will they be free at last or be closer to danger than ever?
Teen Wolf/The Maze Runner Crossover  by TheMazeRunner206
Teen Wolf/The Maze Runner Crossove...by TheMazeRunner
Thomas is back home in Beacon Hills except there he is called Stiles. What happens when he gets a letter from WCKD telling him they want him back TRIGGER WARNING
Him (Newt x Reader) by HeySamantha0501
Him (Newt x Reader)by Samantha
Memories? Wiped out completely. Name? Unknown. The only source of information you have is that the girl laying next to you, is your sister. With no knowledge of your pas...
Book 1: Scorch of the Mind (Newt x OC) by ABallintheLion2015
Book 1: Scorch of the Mind (Newt x...by ABallintheLion2015
Just like so many others, she arrived in the maze with no memory but her name: Skylar. She escaped the horrid maze and was rescued. But no matter what these "rescue...
arcane, thomas by marigoldspring
arcane, thomasby sadie
BEING EDITED "Melanie, her and her arcane ways are what confuse me", Newt sighed, watching as the girl Thomas had grow so fond of played with her fingers, loo...
WICKED games 2 (Newt x female reader) [COMPLETED] by hollybell51
WICKED games 2 (Newt x female read...by Holly May
Sequel to "WICKED games" and based off the Scorch Trials movie. (Y/N) and the other Gladers escaped the Maze, learned of the organisation WICKED and their hun...
Total Eclipse of the Heart | TMR Series by storyfan09
Total Eclipse of the Heart | TMR S...by Kay
Let's begin the journey of running, protection, heartbreak and finding oneself. Katri's journey begins here and hopefully she can protect those close. Let's see what hap...
WICKED games 3 (Newt x female reader) [COMPLETED] by hollybell51
WICKED games 3 (Newt x female read...by Holly May
Final installment in WICKED games! Based of The Death Cure movie (sorry book fans, I would, but it's way easier to go through the movie for dialogue and references than...
The outlander  by onlynewtmas
The outlander by onlynewtmas
[COMPLETED]Newt was living an happy life in the 21st century with his boyfriend Adam and his many friends. But one day, his boyfriend and him went to an historical site...
Stardust - Thomas - Maze Runner by OneandOnlyElla
Stardust - Thomas - Maze Runnerby Ella
The plan was simple, really. Vince had gotten word from Marcus that a small group was looking for them. Marcus had told Vince they had taken Bertha with them - yes, the...
The Maze Runner Death Cure: Another Story (Newt) by ilovecats72
The Maze Runner Death Cure: Anothe...by Ilovecats72
Everyone is given their memories back, but Newt's memories are not what he thought they would be. The gladers have to fight through one of Wickds trials once again, but...
Returning to the glade (TW/TMR)  by Swimgrl123
Returning to the glade (TW/TMR) by Swimgrl123
Thomas and everyone have finally defeated WICKED. They made it to the safe haven but not without loss. Suddenly the FBI raids the island that the gladers are on and they...
the alternatives ⇒ tmr trilogy & newtmas au ⇒ COMPLETED  by ultrablood
the alternatives ⇒ tmr trilogy & n...by laera xox
"Do ya have a nickname? Tommy or somethin'?" "No, just Thomas." It's 1962 and gangs rule the streets. The Alternatives, a group of violent boys wit...
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Scorched // Thomas (The Scorch Trials) by TheQuietHufflepuff
Scorched // Thomas (The Scorch Tri...by TheQuietHufflepuff
The Gladers have escaped the Maze. They are safe. Or so they think. Thomas and Ariella still are undefined, despite how close they've become. New threats await them and...