Chapter 5

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Aris pulls himself up the vent and holds his hands our for me. Thomas grabs my waist and pushes me up with no trouble. Thomas jumps up and shuts the vent. We hurry through the tunnels until we reach Thomas' bunk room. Thomas kicks off the vent and jumps into his room. "Thomas! What did you find." Minho says following him to a bed. "Thomas!"The British one says. Thomas grabs sheets and ties it against the door. "Aris what did you see?" The one they call Frypan asks. Thomas grabs the mattress and holds it against the door. "Their coming for us!"Thomas yells. "Thomas! Who?!" The British boy yells out. "ITS WICKED! Its still wicked. It's always been wicked!" Thomas shouts. "We need to get out of here!" I say and continue. "Aris! You know a way out?" Aris looks at me and says, "I know how to get to hallways. That's about it." I grab his arm and say, "We'll think of something!" Aris crawls through the vents as I follow. Then the British one follows me.
All of us make it to the end of the ventilation shaft and into a hallway. "Wait! There's something I have to do!" Aris yells. "Aris what are you talking about?" I say. "We want to get out of here right?" Aris says. Out of no where, a guy with dark skin and dark hair says, "I'll go with him." I look at Aris i'm confusion. He's leaving me. "I'm going with you." I say to Aris. "No! You'll be safer with them." Aris says hugging me. "Okay Winston! You guys go! Everyone else follow me." Thomas says as I follow close behind him. They head back into the tunnels. I walk behind Thomas as we turn the corner. Thomas stops in his tracks and the British boy lands his hand on my back to catch his balance. I look ahead to see a woman. The doctor that has the high heels that always click clack down the hallway. The one who always opens the doors. She has very dark skin and dark hair. "What are you kids doing out of your rooms?" The lady asks with suspicion in her face. Suddenly, a loud alarm goes off as I look at Thomas and a slight smirk appears on my face.
"Where is Teresa?!" Thomas yells to the doctor. She puts her hands up and says, "I'll take you to her." Thomas grabs her by the arm and keeps her close. We start to run down the corridors. I follow Thomas as the British boy stays close behind me. When we turn the corner a man in black uniform shouts, "Freeze!" He starts to shoot his gun as we all run back behind the wall. Minho pushes me ahead of him ducking my head down. We all start to run back the way we came until Minho stops. "Minho what the he'll are you doing!" Thomas yells. He starts to run back he direction of the guy with a gun. Minho shouts quickly running as he knees the guy with a gun in the head as he turns the corner. All of us ran after Minho. "Shit Minho," The British boy says. I kinda giggle but keep my composure. The British boy looks at me and couldn't help but smile. Thomas grabs the gun from the guy and says, "Okay. Let's go. Come on!" Thomas points the gun at the doctor as she runs leading us to a laboratory.
We open the door of the laboratory and charge in. "Where is she!" Thomas yells pointing the gun at all of the doctors. Thomas looks over and hands the gun to Minho. Thomas pulls back a curtain as I see a girl with brown hair laying on a hospital bed. He tends to her as the British one yells, "Give me your hands!" He starts to wrap the lady's hands with a sheet. Out of no where, I'm pulled back by someone with a syringe at my neck. "Don't move!" The man yells. I freeze as my body tightens in fear. I look at Minho with my eyes wide open. Minho puts his hands up and says, "We can make a deal." The man behind me tightens his grip as he says, "This serum will inject her with a deadly virus. Come any closer and you say bye bye to her." Out of no where, I feel his grip get loose on me as he falls back. I turn to see the British boy standing there with a fire extinguisher in his hands. I nod and smile as he nods back. "Uh guys! Their coming what do we do!?" Frypan yells looking out the door window. "Fry! Move!" The British one yells throwing a metal table against the door. The staff try to force their way through the laboratory door when Minho pushes me behind him. "Guys what do we do!" Minho yells holding the gun at the door. I look back and see Thomas grab a stool and try to smash the glass behind us. "Newt! A little help!" Thomas yells to the British one named Newt. Newt grabs the other stool and they smash the glass together. "Go! Go!" Thomas yells. Thomas jumps over to the other room as he helps Teresa get over the window. Minho throws the gun to him. Minho quickly guides me to the window. I hop over as Newt grabs my shirt bringing me close to him. "Stay close!" Thomas yells before opening the door. The door opens to a guy standing there. Thomas quickly points the gun at him and shoots the guy. He is sent back into an electrical shock. Thomas looks down at the gun and says, "Okay. Come on!"
We all run past the electrocuted guy on the ground, turning the hallway to the door. "There it is!" I yell. We arrive at the door and Thomas swipes the card. "No! No No! Come on!" He yells but the card was denied by the system. "Y/N!" I hear Janson yell behind us. I grab the gun from Thomas' hands and turn it toward Janson. "Open the door Janson!...Open the god damn door!" I yell slowly walking toward him. "You really don't want me to! Listen! I'm trying to save your life! The maze was one thing but you kids won't last one day out in the scorch. If the elements don't kill you... the cranks will!" Janson yells out with his hands in the air. "Listen to me! I only want what's best for you." Janson says standing there. I look at all his men in black uniform behind him. "Yeah let me guess... Wicked Is Good?" I say still holding the gun at him. Janson's eyes grow wider as he smirks. "Your not getting through that door. I won't let my daughter go so easily." Janson says right before the door Thomas was trying to open suddenly goes up. I look back and see Aris there smiling at me. I look back at Janson, rapid firing the electric gun at him. Once it ran out I threw it at them and started running. I hear Janson tell his watch to shut the main vault door. It starts to close and everyone starts yelling. "Come on Y/N!" Newt yells. "Come on!" Thomas shouts. I drop my body sliding through the bottom of the door, barely making it. I slide into Newt's legs and he picks me up. Aris takes a piece of metal and bashes it against the other key card swiper, breaking the connection between both. Winston finds a gun off of a dead mans body and takes it for protection. Janson looks at us through the window and Thomas throws the middle finger up at him. "Come on! Let's go!" Minho yells grabbing a black back pack from the floor.
We all start to run through out the front of the building until we find the front door. Thomas puts his hands on it and tries to find the lever. I see a red handle and I twist it up making a loud noise and the door opens. A big sand storm lies ahead of us. We all hide our eyes as the sand blows in our faces.  "Come on!" Thomas yells. "We will loose them in the storm!" I shout as we all exit Wicked's headquarters.

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