Chapter 13

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I wake up to lights brighter than ever. The sound of beeping fills my ears as I look around the room. The white walls blister my eyes making me close them tight. I hear a gasp come from the area in the room. "She's awake! Doctor's she's awake!" A woman shouts as I hear her scramble around the room. The shuffle of shoes fills my ears. "Excuse me! Miss. Y/N." A male says as he taps me on the arm. I slowly open my eyes to see men and women in all white crowded around me. "Woah woah woah! Back up! What's going on! Where am I?" I question everyone in a frantic state. All of them got quiet. As if no one even knew what was going on themselves. "You... uh... we're in a coma. For two years. You were in a car accident." The male doctor with brown hair and brown eyes says slowly. I feel myself start to laugh. "What do you mean? I've been awake with Newt, Minho, and Thomas. We were stuck in a maze..." the more I talk, the more I hear how ridiculous it sounds. Everyone looks at each other with concern in their expression. A women in white walks over to my machines. She changes out a bag of liquid on a pole with wheels on the bottom. Wait, that looks like... "Teresa!" I say grabbing the nurses arm. "What are you doing?" She says forcing my grip off of her. I feel tears start to roll down my cheeks. What's going on? What happened to them? This has got to be a trick...

I suddenly open my eyes to the sight of darkness. I look to the left of me to see Newt sound asleep on the blanket. I place my hand over my heart to put myself at ease. It was just a nightmare. I slowly stand up as I look around. The moon barely giving me light to see. I hear the sound of the wind in my ears. The fire must have gone out hours ago. Seeing as the logs aren't hot anymore. I slowly step over Minho, who is to the right of me, and I walk over towards the truck that we stole from Marcus. Quietly opening the door, I sit in a seat looking through my bag. As I'm searching for water, I hear voices. I look over to our sleeping circle. No one is awake. No the voices are coming from behind the truck. Their faint and sounds like their quite a distance from me. I slowly reach for the knife in Minho's backpack that's next to mine. I step out of the vehicle with the blade in hand, looking around trying to make out anything in the distance. I know I heard voices. Out of nowhere, someone grabs my left shoulder. I swerve around so quick pointing the tip of the knife at the persons face. "What the hell are you doing?" Minho whispers putting his hands up. Once I realize who it is, I quickly close the pocket knife. "Sorry. You scared me." I say looking Minho in the eyes. "Why are you awake? And why do you have my knife?" Minho questions looking around us. I hand him the knife as I say, "I woke up. Came to my bag to get water and I heard voices coming from that direction." I say pointing into the darkness. "And you were going to check it out alone?" Minho asks with disbelief in his tone of voice. "Well, not anymore obviously" I say crossing my arms. Minho reaches into the car and takes out a flashlight. Then hands me Aris' baseball bat. "We can go check it out together. No way am I letting you go alone." Minho says flicking the flashlight on. "Should we wake the others?" I question Minho as he takes a step in the direction of the voices. "I doubt it's anything. I'm sure we can just check it out ourselves." Minho says shining the light on the sand and around us. I stop Minho from walking when I see something. A shadow of a human standing about 20 yards ahead of us. I look at Minho and point at the human figure in the darkness. "Who's there?" Minho shouts out to the person. I see the figure turn around as I use grab the flashlight Minho's holding and point it in the direction. Wait... it's. "Teresa?" I question walking up to her. That's weird... it's just her. "What are you doing out here? And are you talking to yourself?" I question as she looks at us with shock. "Did I wake you?" She questions. I shake my head but my curiosity gets the best of me. "Teresa, what are you doing?" I question her again. She looks down at her shoes. "Nightmare." She said looking down. Why was she talking to herself? Something is off about this. As i'm lost in my thoughts, Minho says, "Okay. Well let's get back to the others before someone else wakes up." I agree as the three of us make our way back to the circle. I lay down next to Newt as Minho lays next to me. I close my eyes to fall asleep, but I just can't sleep. Something about that situation is off. There's something she's not telling us.
I lay here. It's been about an hour since we all came back to the sleep circle. I just can't seem to fall asleep. This whole situation is throwing me off. It also doesn't help that it's so god damn freezing out here. I turn my head to my right to see Minho fast asleep. Then looking to my left, I see Newt slowly open his eyes. I quickly shut mine to act as if i'm sleeping. A small silence broke out. Did that work? Does he actually think i'm asleep? Out of nowhere, Newt's arm pulls me closer to him. He wraps his arms around me as I feel him smile. As I'm in his arms, I feel my eyes get heavy. Not resisting anymore, I slowly drift off into a deep sleep.
The sound of rustling brings me back to reality from the darkness of sleep. I squint my eyes from the bright sun shining on me. "Good morning." I hear Minho say. I fully extend my eyes open to see him crouching down next to me. "I was just about to wake you up." Minho says as I sit up. I suddenly feel a throbbing pain in my head. Putting my hand on my head, I look around to see everyone loading to leave. "How long has it been since you've been up?" I question Minho. He laughs as he stands up. "Only about an hour and a half." He says patting my head then walking off to help Thomas get all the backpacks into the truck. I slowly stand up noticing their almost ready to leave. I feel my stomach grumble in hunger. I grab the blanket underneath me, folding the edges together. I place the blanket in the back of the rusty blue truck. "Come on. We've got a while to go." Jorge says getting in the drivers seat of the truck. Teresa and Brenda sit in the front with him. Aris, Frypan, Landon, and Matt pack in the back seat. Thomas, Minho, Newt, and I all get in the bed of the truck. We all sit as the cover of the bed blocks the sunlight. "How long will it be?" I question. Thomas looks out the window and says, "A while."
I look over from my window to the others. Minho and Newt are fast asleep. We've been on the road for about an hour. I look towards the front of the car where Brenda is. She's still smiling. It's like the bite didn't even effect her. "Thomas." I whisper as he turns his head. I motion him to come over to me. Thomas slowly gets up away from Minho and sits next to me. "What's up?" Thomas questions in a normal talking volume. Quiet enough to not wake the others but loud enough that I can hear. "It's Brenda. Look at her." I say as Thomas turns his head as he watches Brenda laugh and smile at Jorge's stupid jokes. "What about her?" Thomas questions me. "When Winston was scratched, he was instantly effected the day after. But Brenda, It's been about a day and a half and she doesn't seem as if she's turning at all." I say. Thomas looks at me with a confused look on his face. "Well, think about it. The flare attacks the brain right? Winston was scratched in not only a very vulnerable part of the body, but his wounds were closer to the brain than Brenda's is. Maybe it's just slowly traveling up her leg as we speak. There's only a matter of time before the flare starts effecting major parts of her body." Thomas says looking at Brenda once again but with a worrisome expression. "You know the Right Army isn't going to let us in if we have someone who's been affected." I say looking down at my hands. "We will figure something out." Thomas says about to leave back to his spot. I grab his arm gently as I say, "Wait. What were they like?" Thomas looks back at me and sits back down. "What were who like?" Thomas questions. "Newt told me some of the names in your maze. He told me they were good people. What were they like? If you don't want to tell me because it's to emotional, I understand." I say looking into his dark brown eyes. "I wasn't in the glade for long. I was there about 5 days before we escaped. But while I was there, I got close to these people before they were gone. Alby, he was the glade leader. The first one in the maze, alone for a month. He was kind and trustworthy. He wanted to save everyone." Thomas says as a long silence comes after. "Chuck. He was younger than the rest of us. But he always has a smile on his face. Chuck had been there a little over a month. He risked his life to save me. I'll always be grateful for him." Thomas says as tears slowly come down his cheeks. I hug him as I hear the quiet sobs of his pain. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up." I say still hugging him. He pulls away and wipes his eyes. "No, you were just curious. I can understand that." Thomas says as he forces a small smile on his face. Another long silence fills there air. "In my maze, I stung myself with a stinger from one of the grievers. So I would remember why it was my fault everyone was put in that maze. I worked with Wicked. So did Teresa. I remembered seeing another face but at that moment I had no idea who it was. When our group made it to the sanctuary and I saw you, I saw the girl I had been working with in the Wicked compound. You worked with me and Teresa. And you did something. I don't know what you did and I don't expect you to remember what you did either. I remember you coming to me and Teresa telling us that you had to do it. That you couldn't watch them suffer anymore. Then wicked took you away and put you in your maze. Do you remember what you did. I know you've been having those nightmares, was one of them about that?" Thomas says as my eyes widen. I knew Thomas and Teresa before this? I close my eyes tight. Trying to remember what I did back at Wicked's compound. But my mind is blank. I shake my head as Thomas looks down. "I didn't expect you to remember. It just doesn't hurt to ask." Thomas says as darkness comes over the truck. Thomas and I look out the windows to see us approaching the mountains. We finally made it. Jorge takes this road leading up as Minho and Newt both slowly wake up. "Why did it get so dark?" Newt questions. "See for yourself." I say pointing outside the window. Newt slowly sits up and crawls over next to me. I see a smile appear on his face. "We made it." He says as he looks at me with the most cheerful smile i've ever seen. Jorge drives on the curvy road until we come to a stop. "Why did we stop?" I question. Everyone in the front starts to get out of the truck. Minho opens the tailgate as we all four get out. We walk to the others as Jorge says, "Looks like we're on foot." I look up at all of the cars on the road blocking any car from going through.
We are start slowly walking together as a group. The cars are trashed. Almost as if whoever was in them left in a panic. Newt grabs my hand and pulls me close to him. "I don't like the look of this." News whispers into my ear as we slowly continue walking. Everyone starts to slowly walk away from one another looking through the cars and at them. I stop walking as I see a hole in the windshield. I get a closer look when we hear gunshots hit the medal cars around us. "Get down!" Newt yells getting me down behind the car. Everyone else gets behind other cars for cover. "Is everyone alright?!" I hear Thomas yell. "We're fine!" Teresa yells back to him. "Anybody know where those bloody shots came from?!" Newt yells out. Once again the sound of more shots comes from the distance as Newt says, "Stay down." Silence fills the canyons as no one says a word. "What is this?" I say to Newt as he's the only one next to me. "Ambush." He says as I take a deep breath. "Everyone, when I say Go, you run to the truck as fast as you can. And cover your ears!" Jorge yells. "What are they planning?" I question Newt as he takes my hands and puts them over my ears. "That doesn't matter. Get ready to run." Newt says. "Drop it!" An unfamiliar voice yells. I look at Newt in confusion as the voice says, "I said drop it!" The sound of something hitting the pavement fills my ears and the voice says , "Get up! Let's go! Let's go!" The ladies voices sounds more aggressive the more she talks. "Move!" The woman says as she brings Thomas and Jorge out and over to the rest of us. "You two! Stand up!" She yells to Minho and Teresa. Newt grabs me by the arm and picks me up bringing me over to Thomas and Jorge. The whole groups comes together where the two girls are holding Rifles at our bodies. "Don't be stupid! Let's go!" The blonde one yells. The one with darker hair looks at me and puts her gun down slowly. "Y/N? Aris?" She says looking at both Aris and I as we stand next to each other. Aris looking at me and looks back at the girl. The girl pulls her mask down showing a face I thought I would never see again. "Harriet?!" I yell as the other one takes off her mask revealing Sonya. I hug Harriet as Aris hugs Sonya. We then all do a big group hug. "Aris your lucky we didn't shoot your dumb ass. " Sonya says as my smile grows wider. "How are you alive-?" I start before Minho says, "Uhh, what's happening?" I look over at the others as their hands are still slightly up. "We were in the maze together!" I say as they all slowly put their hands down. Harriet whistles into the canyons and yells, "We're all clear guys, come on out!" One by one, people on the top of the canyons come out and Sonya grabs Aris again and hugs him. "I can't believe you're alive." Sonya says as I hug Harriet again. While I hug her, I look over to Newt to see a smile on his face. I smile back at him.
I walk next to Harriet as she leads us through a short dark tunnel. "Back it up!" She yells as a big Army truck backs up opening the other side of the tunnel. We walk through and to the other side to see more people in army trucks. "We're taking them to base." Harriet says to some of the men in trucks. "So wait how exactly did you get here?" Aris asks them. "The right arm brought us here." Harriet says as Thomas gets closer behind Harriet. "Wait wait wait. The right arm? Do you know where they are?" Thomas asks as Harriet stops in front of a truck. "Hop in." She says opening the car door.

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