Chapter 3

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I sit here starring at the door waiting for someone to come in the room. All I hear is the clock ticking behind me. I can't see the clock but I know that it's very late. The fact that I'm having trouble even keeping my head up tells me how late it is. The camera showing our bunks powered off hours ago. It's only a matter of time before Janson or someone walks back in this room. He is falling apart. Janson made him think i'm dead. His poor soul has been through enough. He thinks of me like a little sister. Now, he thinks it's all his fault that he left our bunk.
I am tired of this. I reach try and pull my arms out from behind the back of the chair but they wouldn't budge. I wiggle my legs trying to get the rope loose. Nothing. "Y/N. Time for breakfast," Janson says walking in. His men untie my legs and hands. "You may go to the cafeteria." Janson says. I jump up and sprint to the lunchroom. As i'm running, I imagine me back in the maze running from a wailer. I arrive at the windows as I see Aris sitting at our table alone. I bust through the door and everyone stares at me but I don't care. "Aris!" I shout with tearful eyes. He looks over and slowly gets up. "Y/N..." Aris says slowly walking to me. I run to him and wrap my arms around his neck, burying my face into his neck. "Oh my god. It's you. What did they do to you?" He asks holding his hand on the back of my head. "It's not the time now," I say into his ear. He looks around at all the eyes starring. "Did you convince that guy?" I ask. "His name is Thomas. He is in with the plan," Aris whispers into my ear. We let go of each other and he pats my head. "You had me worried," He says with a smile. We both sit down at our table and I turn around to see everyone starring at me. "I didn't mean to cause a scene..." I start to say until Aris stops me. "I'm just glad your safe," He says with a slight smile. I look back behind me feeling as I am being watched. I catch eye contact with a guy apart of Thomas' group. He has shaggy blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Their whole group looking at me but I only made eye contact with him. We loose contact once Janson comes in ready to call the 10 other people to go to paradise. As Janson calls the names, the people excitedly jump up and stand in a line behind him. "And Abigail," Janson says the last name and continues, "Now now! Don't be discouraged. Your time will come." Janson leaves the room heading in the direction of his office while the people called for the Safe Haven wait in line. I look behind me to see Jarred standing there. "That was a dumb thing to do yesterday you know! Stopping me from getting what I want." Jarred says as I slowly stand up. "What exactly did you want? A lesson? Because that's exactly what your going to get if you don't go sit back down at your table." I say as I aggressively push my finger against his chest. I watch Jarred laugh as I spit in his face. He closes his eyes in disbelief and wipes his face with his hand. "Your going to regret that!" He yells grabbing the top of my shirt with his hands. I grab his wrists with aggression as I stare at him. "Get your hands off of me!" I demand as I see Tomlin appear behind him. Tomlin grabs Jarred's shoulders and rips him off of me. I look over at the guy with the shaggy hair I saw earlier. I watch as he stands up looking over at the situation. Jarred death stares me and storms off back to his stable. "Now... we're even." Tomlin says following Jarred back to his table. I sit back down calming my nerves. "Y/N. That was not smart and you know it." Aris says. "Says the one who didn't do anything. Do you expect me to just stand there as he places his hands on me?" I ask as Aris goes silent. "Didn't think so." I mumble under my breath.
       Janson comes back and starts to lead all of the people out. All the sudden Thomas got up trying to blend in with the line that is going to 'paradise'. "Hey. You weren't called." One of the security guards stops him right before entering the door. "I'm just going to be a second," He says once again trying to get through. The security guy pushes him off right before Thomas pushes him back with great force. "What's your problem man!" Thomas shouts. One of Thomas' friends, the one with the shaggy blonde hair, says, "Alright just calm down!" I listen to his voice and hear the British accent. Thomas turns around to walk away and once more tries to force his way in. "What's happening here!" Janson shouts prying each one of them apart. "Thomas... I thought we can trust each other. You know we're all on the same side here," Janson says putting his hand on Thomas' shoulder. Thomas watches him and says, "Are we?" Thomas and his group stand there as Janson stares with disbelief in his deep blue eyes. "Get them to their bunks!" Janson states to his guards. His servants push all of them out the door. "Go on eat up," Janson says leaving the room. I cannot believe i'm related to that guy. I don't even see a resemblance. "What was that all about?" I question Aris as his eyes lock on mine. "The plan." Aris says getting up to head to our bunks.
      We walk in the door and Aris instantly goes for the vent. "This time... I'm going! No doubt about it!" I say. He nods agreeing with my argument. Also seeing the fact that it's not noon yet. I doubt after what happened, he will ever let me leave his sight. He crawls in and I follow straight behind him. I feel the intensity as we make our way to Thomas' bunk room. "Hang on we're almost there," Aris says looking back at my face. We hear distant yelling as if someone was getting in troble. The argueing gets louder as we get closer to his room. I put two and two together thinking his friends are mad that he did what he did back in the cafeteria. Aris opens the vent underneath a bed and slides out. I follow right after him. "What the hell?" An Asian guy says. "Who the hell?" The British boy says. "Did you get it?"Aris asks Thomas. Thomas shows him an administration key card and smiles proudly. "Hold on one bloody minute. How do we know we can trust these shanks?" The British boy asks and continues, "Thomas you told us about Aris, but you never said anything about a girl." Everyone looks over to me and I wave with a slight smile. "I'm Y/N. I was put in the maze with Aris," I say being as friendly as possible seeing as they were being complete douche bags. The Asian boy smiles and waves back to me. "I least someone here is nice," I hum underneath my breath. "What was that?" Thomas asks. I shake my head smiling. "Thomas, meet me tonight in the vents after midnight. They will have brought in the bodies and already be gone," Aris says to the crowd. The British boy just snarls in disagreement. "Okay look, whatever is behind those doors obviously Janson doesn't want anyone seeing. Especially if the vents don't even go into that section. So if you don't trust us that's fine. We're just trying to help you guys out," I say to all of the boys. The Asian smiles and says, "I like this girl." The British boy shoves his elbow into the Asian stomach saying, "Minho! Not now!"
       Aris and I end up heading back to out bunk in order to act normal. We plan on going to the door tonight. The sooner the better. Aris is worrying about me though. I keep telling I'm fine but deep down... I'm confused. How come Janson wants me to remember my past, but all I really remember is Janson being my father? Nothing else. We arrive at our bunks and I just stand there thinking. Wondering. "What did Janson do to you? You have been acting weird ever since he let you go." Aris says with the palm of his hand on my shoulder. "Yeah, I don't actually think he did anything to me," I lie. I don't want to worry him. "N/ know you can talk to me. I'm here for you. I always will be." Aris says pulling me into a hug. N/N has been my nickname ever since the glade. I was called N/N because Y/N was too long to yell out if they need help.
Hours pass and I still remember nothing. Not a face. Not a voice. Not even a memory. I don't understand it. Janson wants me to remember so bad yet that serum didn't work. I lay on my bunk close to Aris'. "Aris... what do you think we are going to find?" I ask looking up at the bottom of the top bunk. "I don't know. Though whatever we find could determine if Janson really sends people to paradise." Aris says fiddling with his fingers. "Yeah..." I say turning to my side to take a small nap.

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