Chapter 6

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We all run out into the storm climbing up a sandy hill. We duck behind and stay there for a second. I start to cough due to the sand blowing in my nose and mouth. Newt reaches into Minho's bag and grabs a small bandanna. He pulls my face toward his and covers my mouth and nose with the bandanna. "Thank you," I manage to spit out with coughing here and there. "Guys come on! We'll loose them in the storm." Thomas says as we all start to move.
The girl named Teresa ran ahead of all of us. "Teresa! Wait stay together!" Thomas yells ahead. We all arrive at this sunken building from the sand. "In here!" Teresa yells running into a broken window of the building. "Teresa wait!" I yell. I run in after her as all the boys run after me. We manage to make our way down to the floor of the building. Most of it glossy with a layer of sand. "Hey can I get a light over here?" The guy named Winston asks. Minho takes out a flashlight and shines it over to where he is pointing. "Footprints," I say. "A lot of them too." Minho points out. "Come on guys we gotta go!" Thomas says frantically trying to get everyone to go with him. "Thomas wait! What's going on!" Teresa shouts. Everyone stops and stares at Teresa remembering she knows nothing about the bodies we found. "Look. Its Wicked. We found the bodies of the people who were going to 'paradise'. Janson was lying to all of us. Wicked wants some kind of blue liquid from us. It's in our blood." Thomas says. "Dead bodies?" Minho questions. I look at everyone but they didn't know what to say. "They weren't dead but they weren't alive either." I say. Newt stares at me for a second, then looks back at Thomas. "So what's the plan?" Newt asks. Thomas stands there quiet. Everyone is. The fact that we actually had so much hospitality from someone had us thinking we were already in paradise. But in reality they were just going to kill us."You've got a plan right? You led us out here Thomas and you mean to tell me you have no idea where we're going or what we're doing." Newt says. We all went quiet. "Newt. All we know is if we didn't get out of there, we would be dead." I say. "No! How do we trust them! Thomas open your eyes! We thought we could trust Janson and we couldn't! And don't tell me I'm not the only one who heard Janson call her daughter!" Newt says turning to me. Everyone, even Aris, turned to me with surprise. I stand there silent. I was hoping no one heard that. "Look. The reason I know that place isn't good is because Janson took me away and injected me with a serum. A serum that apparently makes me remember everything from my past. I had no idea Janson was my dad. In fact, I don't even see him as apart of my family. But there is no way I would ever become like him." I say. "Y/N... when you woke up screaming... that was?" Aris asks. "A bad memory. The first one." I say feeling droplets of tears coming from my eyes. The thought of seeing my grandmas body lay lifelessly if front of me makes me feel hopeless. I drop everything in my hands and cover my eyes. "I'm sorry." Newt says lowering his voice. "Wait. Janson said something about some army. In the mountains." Aris says trying to change the subject. "The Right Army. That's where we're going." Thomas says. "Alright. Everyone see what you can find." Newt says. Everyone starts to walk to this area except Newt. He turns to me and drops his face. "I'm sorry about that." Newt says rubbing the back of his neck. I lift his chin and ask, "What happened to your cheek?" I try looking closer but he backs away. "A piece of the glass cut my cheek when Thomas and I broke that window. It's fine." Newt says until I stop him. "Let me clean it. It's the least I can do. It will get infected if I don't." I say grabbing his arm and pulling him with me. I grab a piece of cloth from the area the others are in and pull a small water bottle from Minho's bag he picked up back at the sanctuary. I turn to Newt and sit him down on an upside down bucket. Wetting the cloth with some water, I dab it against his cheek. "Why are you being so nice to me? All i've been is a douche to you." Newt says flinching at the pain. "We might be one of the last immunes after all those kids back there are brought to the 'safe haven'. Shouldn't we stick together?" I ask with a small smile. "Yeah. You're right." Newt says with a returned smile.
"Hey guys! Minho and I are going to check things out. We should be back in half an hour." Thomas says. "I'm coming with." I say. Aris tries to disagree but Thomas cuts him off. "No. Absolutely not. Minho and I are going because we ran the maze when we were stuck." Thomas says completely rejecting my suggestion. I look at Aris and he knows what I want. "Guys. Let her go with. She might not look that helpful, but she ran the maze with me. She's tough. Trust me." Aris says. I punch his shoulder and Minho looks over to me. "What's the big deal?" Minho asks Thomas. I can tell it's not the fact that i'm a girl. He doesn't want me getting hurt if something happens and I get that. "Okay then. Meet over there in ten." Thomas says pointing towards the darker part of the building. "Take this time to gather anything over here you think you'll need." Minho says as Thomas walks toward the others. I mouth the words 'thank you' towards Aris. He nods his head with a smile.
       I walk over to the others and start to search for things I need. "Hey Y/N. Come here." Teresa says. I make my way over to her as she holds up a blue long sleeve shirt. "This would look good on you. I would wear it myself but It's to small. Go ahead, try it on." Teresa says handing me the shirt. I smile and walk to the back room to try it on.
       Once I find myself secluded, I change my top before I find a black backpack. Inside of it is a flashlight, a blanket, a mask, some bandages, and a bottle of water. On the ground next to the bag was a picture of a little girl. She has strawberry blonde hair in two pig tails. Her sweet smile and freckled face makes me wonder. "Where did you go?" I question out loud. I place the picture back on the ground and throw the bag over my shoulders. I walk back to everyone about ready to search the rest of this building. "Woah. You choose blue eh?" Newt says as soon as I walk out. "Yeah. Teresa says it looks like something I would wear." I say looking down at the baby blue shirt. "It fits you. It makes your eyes pop." Newt says looking straight into my eyes with his dark brown ones. He stands there for a second and says, "Do you want me to hold that for you? While your exploring." Newt asks pointing at the backpack I just found. "Do you mind?" I ask taking it off of my shoulders. "Not at all. Now go on. I think Thomas and Minho are waiting for you." Newt says taking the black bag into his hands.
        I walk over to Minho and Thomas as they stand there waiting to go. Minho turns on a flashlight and gives me one. "Alright. We're looking for anything useful. Depending on if it's safe, we search for any threat opposed to us." Thomas says tossing his small bag on the ground. Thomas starts running. Minho allows me to go before him so I'm not in the back. As soon as I start, I catch up with Thomas right behind him. We all run through the darkness with only three spots of light around us at once.
We suddenly come to a stop as Thomas stands there looking around. "What is it?" Minho asks as Thomas puts his hand up, signaling Minho to shut his mouth. "I thought I heard something." Thomas says looking around us all. We stay here in silence for a good minute before Thomas turns to us. "We'll start looking here. Stay alert and if you see something, tell everyone." I turn my flashlight to what is a fence. In a building? My curiosity gets the best of me as I walk over to the tall rusty fence. Pictures of people are attached to it as some sort of memorial. Pictures of people so young and so old. Pictures like the little girl I found back at our 'base camp'. "I wonder what happened here?" I question looking around at all the garbage on the floor. Complete trash everywhere. Kinda like a tornado struck here or something. "Hey. Check this out." Minho says pointing his flashlight on some sort of machine. A machine that looks like a generator from what I remember. Minho starts messing with it a little as Thomas continues to look around. "Minho wait." Thomas says before Minho flips a switch that causes all the lights to turn on. Minho looks at me and smiles. Out of nowhere, Minho's facial expression complete changes. "Y/N! Behind you!" He yells grabbing my forearm, pulling me close to him. The sound of crackling comes from behind me as if someone is banging on the fence behind me. My head turns to a girl screaming and trying to grab me through the fence. "What the hell?" Thomas questions. "Where are her eyes?" I point out as I look at the crazy woman. It was like her eyes were carved out and all you can see is the gross blood behind it. We turn to our left as screaming comes from that direction. One by one, others like the girl came out from behind some garbage. "Run!" Thomas says pulling me with him. We dash for a door and shut it behind us. Minho, Thomas, and I all hold the door shut as they try and force their way through. "Hold it! Give me a second!" Minho says running away from us. "Minho what are you doing?!" I yell. Minho goes on the other side of a large filing cabinet. He uses all his force and strength and pushes it over as Thomas and I move out of the way. The 'cranks' as Janson calls them, bang on the doors with anger. "What the hell are those things?" Minho asks. Sounds of more screaming and yelling comes from behind some rubbish. More came out from behind the pile and I yell, "Let's go!" We dash in the direction of the others with flashlights in our hands. I dash ahead of Thomas and Minho and lead the way.
       From a distance, I see the others walking around. "Hey!" Thomas yells to them. "Run!" I shout as I see them all grab their gear. We make it to them and Newt tosses me my bag. I start to sprint ahead of everyone once again leading the way. We run up a series of stairs while I hear Thomas telling everyone to hurry. We stop in our tracks once we see a crank ahead of us. Aris grabs a baseball bat and says, "Watch out!" He goes for the creatures legs and knocks it off the balcony. "Okay Go!" I yell telling everybody to go ahead of me. I run behind the others until something broke the window beside us, tackling Newt to the ground, a crank stays on top of him trying to eat him. Everyone turns around at Newt as he holds the crank off of him. I run to him and kick the nasty looking man off of him. The crank falls through glass and off the balcony like the other one. I grab his hand and pull him up. "Thanks N/N." Newt says with his wonky British accent. I let him run ahead of me and we all run down this hallway. "Try this door!" I yell as Fry pushes his body against it. It doesn't budge so we try another one. That one doesn't open either. We make it to a smaller room with four different doors. "I'll hold them back," Winston says pulling out the gun and shooting them as they came to us down the hallway. Frypan tries all the doors in the room. He finds a loose one and starts to ram into it. Newt pulls me behind him just in case. Winston shoots the gun over and over but there's too many of them. "I got it," Fry yells opening the door. We all head through and Newt makes sure I go before him. Winston makes his way in but a crank grabs his ankle and pulls him back. Minho and I hold the door as Winston is in between. I watch as the cranks scratch his stomach and he screams in agony. Aris and Newt pull him through and hold him up as we stay holding the door. "Y/N, you go. I'll let you get a head start." Minho says. "No way! We do it together. On 3 we let go. Got it?" I stubbornly say. Minho rolls his eyes and says, "One." I say, "Two." And we wait. "Three." We say in unison as we dash away from the door. I look back and cranks flow out like water and a broken dam. We run for our lives. Not allowed to stop. Not allowed to look back. All I know is behind me there are countless cranks coming after us. And we cannot afford to look back.

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