Chapter 10

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       "Hey are you okay?" Thomas voice questions as he lays a hand on my back. I cough as I say, "I think so." The girl with brown hair turns on a flashlight. "I'm Brenda. You must be Y/N. Right?" The girl asks. I nod as Thomas stands up. Brenda helps me up as we all look in the direction of the elevator shaft. Rubble and debris fills it. "Why are you helping us?" Thomas asks Brenda. Brenda looks over to Thomas as she says, "It was Jorge's idea. He thinks you guys are the ticket to the safe haven." She walks over to a drain in on the floor. "Safe Haven?" I question. Brenda looks at me and crouches down to the drain. "You know. Paradise. Safe from infection. Safe from the sun." Brenda says putting her fingers through the holes. "How do we get out of here? How do we get to the others?" Thomas asks watching as Brenda tries to lift the drain. "Jorge knows a guy who can tell us where the Right Army is. Marcus. If they made it out, their going to him." Brenda says struggling to open the drain. "If they made it out?" I question with panic in my voice. She exhales in frustration and says, "Can you guys just, help me with this. Please?" Thomas and I look at each other as we walk over to the drain. We all three lift it with all of our might. We look down in the hole to hear the sound of screaming and shuffling feet. Cranks? I look at Thomas and he puts his hand on my shoulder. "This is the only way out... isn't it?" Thomas questions Brenda. She nods as she hands Thomas and I a flashlight. She jumps down into the sewer as I jump next. Then Thomas right after me. We instantly shine our lights around. The ground is engulfed in a small stream of liquid as the wall has graffiti along the corridor. I look at Thomas with a worrisome look. Something about this is wrong. I can feel it... in my gut. "This way." Brenda says crouching into a smaller tunnel. It wasn't about 10 seconds until we could stand up fully again. All of this... the crouching, the tight space... it reminds me of the vents back in the sanctuary. It reminds me of Aris and I first arriving there. If they made it out. The words if they made it out repeat over and over in my head. What do we do if it's just Thomas, Brenda, and I left? No. I know they're okay! I know it. "I think it's this way." Brenda says shining her light down the path on the right. She starts to walk as we follow her. "Do you believe there is actually a safe haven? That we could get away from all of this?" I ask shining my light around the black overgrowth in the sewer. Brenda looks at me as Thomas walks behind us. "I don't know. Jorge believes the Right Army can take us there. The rumors say they've been taking kids there for years." Brenda says until we hear another screech coming from the direction we're going in. We stop walking when we all look at each other. I take a deep breath. "Are you sure it's this way?" I question Brenda. She looks at me with a worrisome face. "There's only one way to figure out." Brenda says as she continues to walk. I feel a sharp pain in my gut. Something isn't right. I let Brenda walk ahead as I walk next to Thomas. "This doesn't feel right." I say as we continue shining our flashlights around. Thomas looks at me and then at Brenda. We continue to walk in silence but the same question boggles my mind. "Do you think they are okay?" I question Thomas as we stop walking, including Brenda. He grasps my shoulders and says, "Jorge seems to know what he's doing. We just have to trust them." Brenda starts walking as we do the same. I look down at my shoes as I think. I picture Newt's smile in my head. What if I never see him again? Thoughts go through my head when finally we see the sewer part. There's now two paths. "Which way do we go?" I question. We look around more to see more paths. Thomas goes off to look in one tunnel while Brenda walks into another. "Hey! I think it's this way." Thomas says walking back to me. "Brenda." He says and there's no answer. "She went this direction." I say pointing to the more damp passage of the sewer. We both walk that way to see Brenda starring at the black overgrowth. It is spread up the walls, all over the ground, and on the ceiling. "I'm just looking." Brenda says. All the sudden, we hear screeching coming from the tighter hole next to us. We all focus our flashlights on the hole as we prepare to run. I feel my muscles tighten as my head starts to pound. Out of no where, a rat crawls its way to us and looks me dead in the eye. It jumps down and starts walking toward me. I stop my foot scaring the rat causing it to run to the overgrowth. It runs to a corps and sniffs then runs to another. I jump when I see the second corps snatch the rat and pull its head from the wall. I cover my mouth trying not to scream as the crank takes a bite into its snack. Thomas gently grabs the top of my arm, same with Brenda's, as we slowly walk backwards. More and more cranks come out from the corner and start sniffing around as if they can't see. We turn around to run when one of them walks in front of us. It starts moving it's spine like no human can. Bending it backwards, twisting it's neck. It starts to walk to us when Thomas lets go of me and reaches for the bat in Brenda's backpack. He takes it out and swings at the creature's head and he yells, "Run!" I run in the direction of the tunnel Thomas said he thought the way was out. The crank we hit yells so loud it makes me stop running for a second. It is a loud ringing in my ear that will not stop. Thomas grabs me by the shoulders and shakes me. His yell is so faint i can barely make out what he's saying. "Y/N! Run!" I hear him yell when my hearing comes back. I look behind us to see about half a dozen cranks running at us. Thomas pulls me with my arm and I notice that's the same place the bald man and the wicked guard grabbed me. Not going to lie, it hurts... really bad. I shake my arm from Thomas' grasp as I run behind them. We see the light at the end of the tunnel. Brenda stops and holds Thomas back. I get there to see an edge. The edge to a 200 ft drop. A drop that if we fall to the ground, we will die. We look to our right to see a fallen abandoned building over another tall building. "What do we do!" I yell looking behind us to see the cranks still coming. "This way!" Brenda yells. She starts climbing up towards the collapsed building. Thomas pushes me ahead of him and he follows straight behind. I look back to see two of the cranks fall off the edge to their death... again. Three other cranks see us crawling up and start to chase us up. "Go!" Thomas yells as we quickly climb up the debris to the leaning building. Brenda crawls through this little hole as I do the same. Thomas is right behind me when it almost collapses on him. "Thomas!" I yell grabbing his hand and pulling him through. He nods at me as I do the same when we rush up the rubble. I look behind Thomas to see two cranks fit through the hole and now their in the building with us. "Watch out!" I hear Brenda yell. My attention is brought to a a metal box sliding down toward me. I jump out of the way as Thomas does the same. The metal box hits one of the cranks and sends it back. Now there's only one. Brenda leads us to this stair well as she says, "Come on!" I start sprinting up the stairs with Thomas behind me. I look down to see a crank came out of no where as it struggles to follow us up. The other one starts to climb through the middle hole of the stairwell. We start going up again when something stops me. I look over to see the crank from the hole grabs my jacket. I try to pull away but the monsters grip is so tight, it starts to rip my jacket. I look at Brenda as she kicks the bastard until it's sent falling down the middle of the stairwell. Thomas grabs my arm and examines it. "Did it get you?" He questions. I shake my head and smile when Brenda says, "Come on. There's still one more down there." She starts running up using the handles on the side. Until she uses this one that breaks off. Brenda is sent falling through this door into a room falling straight on the glass. The glass cracks but if it breaks, Brenda will be sent down to her death. "Brenda!" I yell as Thomas puts his hands on his head. "Brenda! Are you okay!" Thomas yells. She slowly looks up at us and says, "Yeah." She tries to get up when Thomas yells, "No, don't move." I look at him as I grab the open door. "Don't worry. We're coming down." I say as I carefully slide down the edges. Thomas follows me down as we stand on the wall. "Here." I say holding my hand out. We hear a noise come from the stairwell as we look up, we see the crank at the door. "No! No! No!" Thomas yells right before the crank jumps down onto the glass the Brenda is on cracking it even more. I hold out my hand for Brenda to grab when she finally does. The crank pulls her back and gets on top of her. Brenda kicks it off and gets back to me. "Thomas grab her hand and don't let go!" I yell looking behind me for something heavy. I grab a ginormous stick as Thomas grabs Brenda's hand. The crank grabs Brenda's leg as she screams. Using all my force, I jab the giant stick down at the glass as it breaks, sending the beast down to the bottom. Thomas holds Brenda over the edge as he says, "I got you. I got you." I exhale in relief as I help Thomas pull her up.
       "This way." Brenda says limping down the staircase on the side of the non collapsing building. We go round and round down the steps making all of us a little dizzy. We make it to the ground as Thomas catches his breathe. Brenda sits down for a second as she lifts up the bottom of her pants. My eyes widen as I see a crank bite on her left calf. She tares a piece of cloth and wraps it around her leg. She looks up at me and says, "Yeah, yeah." She gets up and starts walking. I look over at Thomas as a worrisome expression appears on his face. We follow Brenda as she leads us to this area where people live. They live in bad shape with cardboard houses and torn clothing. Brenda turns to us and gets closer. "Okay look. Just act as if you blend in. They're just people who are exposed to the virus. Soon they will turn into those monsters. Trust me, you'll be fine. Just stay on the down low." Brenda whispers and starts to walk on the small road. That's easy considering the fact Aris and I always kept it on the 'down low' back at the sanctuary. Thomas and I walk behind Brenda as I keep my arms crossed and my head down. I slowly lift my head to see many people who are in bad shape just walking around. Thomas walks in front of me, same with Brenda leaving me in the back. Without warning, a bigger man puts himself in my path. I slowly descend my speed as I spin around to walk in the other direction. Walking the way we came, another broad shoulder man stands there forcing me to turn back. I look left and right to see men three times my size surrounding me. I look over to the side of the man to see Thomas and Brenda still walking. They don't notice I'm not behind them? "What's a pretty little lady doing around these parts?" The man in front of me asks with his deep tone of voice. I cross my arms uncomfortably at the sight. "Not talking eh?" He says while the others laugh. "You look well taken care of. Mind if we know where you came from?" The man on my left questions. They cannot know i'm from Wicked. If they found out, they could sell me back to them or worse... I look up at them with a smile as I say, "I'm from Jorge's group." I feel the one behind me get closer as they all laugh. "So she can talk." The one on my right says. The one in front of me slowly inches closer to me. "Your a long long way from home señorita. What brings you around these parts?" The big man in front of me asks. What was his name?! Brenda said it earlier but I can't just quite put my finger on it. "I'm looking for someone." I say. They all laugh. "And this someone is?" The one behind me questions. "Does this someone have a name?" The one to the left asks. I close my eyes trying to remember what she said. But I can't remember. "His name escapes me at the moment." I say putting my hands on my hips with some attitude. "But I can't fulfill Jorge's request if a bunch of certain individuals continue to stand in my way." I say as the one to the right laughs. "This girl got some spunk. Think she's worthy to meet our highness?" The one on the left states. The bigger one in front steps forward and leans into my face. "You will follow us and answer all questions our highness has for you. Then maybe we will help you... 'fulfill your request'." The man says as his god awful breath that makes me cough. "Come with us." They says as I start walking behind the first one. What did I just get myself into?
"Your highness." The man bows down to a bigger woman sitting in a trashy throne. The man looks over and gestures me to do the same as him. I cringe as I get down on my knees. "You're highness." I say immediately standing up. "Rex... who is this outsider you have brought me?" The woman questions as she looks at me. Her face is engulfed with scars and bruises. She elegantly sits up but in a not so royal manner. "This young lady claims she is from Jorge's group looking for an individual. I thought you would like to ask her some questions... the hard way." The man says grabbing my arm aggressively. I try to wiggle free but his grasp is to tight. "Very well Rex. Take her to the room." The woman's says as she stands up. Rex starts walking as he's dragging me by my arm. "What part of I need to find someone didn't ring a bell?" I say as he throws me in a chair, tying my arms and legs. The bigger woman walks in and closes the door behind her. I'm in a small room with stone walls and a bright light shining in my face. The man along with his friends heavily breathe behind me. "Landon!" The woman shouts. A tall guy with brown hair and tan-ish skin shows up. His hands are held together with some sort of device. But something is off about him... he looks... young. "So... what is your name?" The woman asks as drops of spit flies in my face from her missing front tooth. I wipe my nose on my shoulder as I face her. "Does that matter?" I ask as she shrugs and moves her face closer to mine. "Who is this man you are going to see for Jorge? Does Jorge have something he sent you to say to him? To give to him?" She asks as I clench my toes in discomfort. "That's classified." I say slouching my back trying to get comfortable. "Very well." She says as she looks behind me. Out of no where, the sight of a knife to my throat appears in front of me. My eyes widen as all the muscles in my body tense. "Now tell me!" The highness yells banging her hands on the table, "Who is he and why is he important?" I feel my hands start to shake in fear as I yell, "Okay! I'll talk! I'll talk!" I look over at that Landon guy. I watch his face cringe as he turns his head away. Almost as if it hurts him to watch this. The woman motions the idiot with a knife at my neck away. Once I feel myself able to breathe again, the sound of the woman's foot tap raid my ear as if she is waiting for my response. "Okay look. I'm going to level with you." I think as I'm about to make up the biggest lie of my life. "Jorge found some kids that came from Wicked." I say as the woman's facial expression fills with a cringe. "Let me finish. Jorge sent me to find a man named...," I think as I suddenly gasp, remembering the person Brenda went to see. "Marcus is his name. Jorge found these kids and was going to have Marcus send them back to wicked. However, Jorge is deciding weather to sell them back or to kill them. I am one of the members of his group that wants to sell them. But they are going to kill them." I say stopping for a dramatic effect. "But between you an me, you could steal those kids from Jorge, sell them for your group, and get the money. Instead of leaving them to waist." I say. All the people except that Landon guy gasp and start whispering in excitement. The woman smiles and jumps up and down. Then she stops. "How can I trust you?" she asks as she walks closer to me. I feel my heart beat spike up a million beats per second. I though everything was going well. The lie seams to be some what reasonable. "If you reach into my front pocket, you will find a card from one of wicked's compounds. It was one of the things I took from the prisoners." I say remembering the key card the group used to escape Janson. She reaches into my pocket and pull out the card. The woman gasps and once again jumps up and down. She kisses the card and says, "This is my token to wealth!" She yells and walks out of the room. "Let her out of her restraints!" She yells walking back into the 'interrogation room'. A man with a beard that I haven't seen yet releases my arms and legs. "If I could just get directions to Marcus' place... that would be wonderful." I ask when the big woman comes to hug me. She squeezes the life out of me and then let's me go. "No sweetie! You will get an escort to no other than Marcus' place himself. "Landon!" She yells and turns around to him. "You will escort this beautiful lady to Marcus' place. If you run... remember." She says holding up some kind of remote. A scarce look comes over his face as he walks over to me. "Follow me." He says turning around our of the door. I cannot believe I got away with that!

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