Chapter 16

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The sun is up now as we scavenge anything that we can find from the aftermath of Wicked's take over. I sit down in the sand thinking. My mind is in a million different pieces. We just lost 4 members of our group. Their gone. "What now?" Frypan questions sitting on a black box. Vince just stands there looking at what's left of the Right Army camp. "We stick to the plan. Get you kids to the safe haven." Vince says putting his hands on his hips. I sit here in disagreement. There's no way I can leave without them. I can't leave them behind. I watch as Thomas stands up and puts a small bag over his shoulder. "I'm not going with you guys." Thomas says starring at Vince. I stand up as Vince says, "What." I turn around to Thomas as he says, "I made a promise to Minho. That I would t leave him behind. I have to go after him." Thomas says as Newt stands up next to me. "Hey kid look around you. Wicked just kicked our ass. You think about where your heading." Vince says as I walk up to Thomas. I stare at him as I turn around in front of him. "He's right." I say turning around to the others. Newt stares at me as he says, "Y/N. Look at me. I've known Minho for... as long as I can remember. If there was anyway we could help him I would be standing up there with you two. But this, it's impossible." I look down at my feet as Brenda and Jorge come into the conversation. "More like suicide." Jorge adds to Newts response. "Maybe. I know what I'm supposed to do now. It's not just about Minho, it's about all of us. It's about everyone Wicked's ever taken and will take. They'll never stop... they'll never stop so I'm going to still them. I'm going to kill Ava Paige." I say as Newt looks at me with a grin. Brenda and Jorge look at each other. I watch as Vince's eyes fill with inspiration. "I have to admit. I'd like some revenge." Harriet says walking up to Vince. Vince looks at me and Thomas and says, "That's a good speech kid... So what's your plan?" Vince questions as everyone looks up to me. I smile as I look over at Newt. I'm going to do it. I'm going to kill Ava Paige.

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