Chapter 2

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Aris' POV
       I wiggle by body around through the tiny tunnel like vents making my way to each and every bunk room hoping I will reach the one that guy was in. I wish Y/N could have gone with me but I know she understands why she can't. I won't let that happen... not again.
       "Let me come with you! We can do this together!" Harper says getting ready to fight the wailer. I look over to Y/N and the others. Her arm bleeding out and everyone else too scared to face the wailer alone. I turn my attention back to Harper and her short brown hair. "Harper, stay close to me. The only reason I am willing to let you fight is because Y/N is hurt," I said still disagreeing to this idea. We both run out to the spider like machine as the others stay behind in the Maze. I stab my spear into its abdomen. Harper does the same but stabs it in the leg. I move the spear around as the wailer squirms. All the sudden I hear a scream. I turn to Harper as she's there lying on the ground with the stinger inside her left eye. "Harper!" I yell as I make my way over to her holding her in my arms. Her pulse slows as her body goes limp. No. It's my fault. Never again!
       I shake my head away from my thoughts and head the rest of the way to the next bunk room. Looking ahead I see a bunk room identical to the one I stay in. I hope this is the room. I quietly knock down the small shaft and whisper, "Psst." I see the guy washing his face at the sink while the others are asleep. I begin to feel relief knowing that I found his bunk in a good amount of time. He turns his attention in my direction. "Hey! Come on! I have to show you something," I say quietly. He looks under the bed and tilts his head. I rotate my body so I can lead him to the doors. "What the hell?" I hear him murmur behind me. I continue to go in the direction of the door. "Where are we going?" The guy asks. "Hurry before we miss it," I reply picking up my pace.
"Come on, were almost there," I say pulling into a bit of the vent that's taller. Tall enough that we can crouch. "What are we doing?" The dude asks in curiosity. I lay my finger over my mouth and reply, "Come here." The fellow did as he is told and comes to the air vent below me. "Watch," I say looking down at the hallway and the door Y/N and I are so eager to find it's clues to. We wait... and we wait... and we wait. "What exactly are we watching?" He questions as I hear the familiar click clack of the doctor's shoes. "Shh... she's coming!" I whisper as he shuts his mouth. The woman in high heels checks the hallways as she swipes her card to open the door. We stare beneath us as we watch people come around the corner. I watch as they bring in the 10 carts with body shapes on the carts. One by one going through the door. The door locked by an administrator key card. The door shuts behind all of the people. "What was that?" The guy questions. I look down and back up to him ready to reply. "Every night at midnight they bring in a new 10. But once they go though that door... they don't come out," I say looking into his dark brown eyes. "What's behind those doors," The fellow asks. "We don't know. This is the farthest we've ever gotten. The vents don't even go into that section. But whatever is behind those doors, is something Janson doesn't want us to see." I say looking back down at that door. "We? Who's we?" The guy asks in suspicion. "Myself and the girl I was with in my Maze. She has h/c hair and e/c eyes. She says she saw you earlier when Janson let you join everyone." I say. He stares at me with a blank face right before asking me, "Why are you showing me this?" I thought for a second. Why did I show him this? How do I know that he's trustworthy? "The fact that you're not afraid to stand up to those guards. You might be our best bet at figuring out what's behind those doors. I know you think something is off about this place. Quick. We have to leave before supervisor comes," I say starting to crawl back to the smaller vent area. Back to my bunk room. "Wait... what's your name?" He asks me as I was about to crawl away. "Aris, yours?" I interrogate. "Thomas," He reply's right before I went off to tell Y/N the news.
       I finally reach our bunking room and I slowly push the trap door open. "Y/N guess what-," I say to absolutely no one in the room. Where did she go? It's past curfew and we can't be out. I walk over to her bunk to search for clues. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I walk over to the door about to look out the window. The supervisor appears into the window of the room checking if I was there. Why isn't he calling Janson because Y/N is missing? I feel my heart drop into my stomach. "What did you do?! What the hell did you do to her?!Let her go! She did nothing wrong!" I shout to the top of my lungs banging my body in the door. "Bring her back god damnit! Bring her back!" I yell as the lights in the room flicker off signaling bedtime. I continue to bang my hands against the door. "No! This can't be happening!" I yell starting to hyperventilate. What will I do if she never comes back? How can I ever live with myself?

My eyes flicker open to the bright light above me. My body lays in pain. But something is different. I... remember. I remember my friends. I remember my family. Wait... my family. All the sudden Janson shuffles into the room. "Good evening Y/N. How did you sleep?" Janson asks coming closer to what seems like the chair I am tied in. "I know I wasn't sleeping..." I say watching his every move. "So you do remember?" He questions sitting on the office wheeled chair. "Vaguely. I remember... you." I slowly murmur. "Ah so now you know, sweetheart. I was wondering how long it was going to be until I call you daughter," Janson says stroking my long hair. I pull my head away from him in discomfort. "Never call me that." I say with anger in frustration in my tone. "What do you know?" Janson asks backing away from me. I still sit there tied up in silence. "Not talking eh?" Janson questions. "I want to see Aris," I demand moving around in the ropes i'm tied in.  "Oh, you don't get it do you? You know... after this so called Harper died, he swore on his life to protect you. Look at him now," Janson smirks as he turns on the tv in front of me, pulling up the camera system in the bunk rooms. I watch as Aris bangs on that door yelling my name. He then sits in his bunk rocking back and forth. Tears streaming down his face. "Let me see him!" I demand. "Now that would be no fun. We will watch him suffer first. Then we will connect you two tomorrow morning. Let's see how he does... overnight," Janson says walking out of the room. Aris stands there looking hopeless. I watch as he suddenly sits in front of the door, his knees up against his chest. He shoves his face into his hands as he wipes his red cheeks. "Janson is a real asshole," I murmur underneath my breath. It's weird how I remember Janson being my dad but all I remember is I have a sister and a mom. I have no idea who they are or if their still alive. I plainly watch Aris beat himself up over me. I feel my eyes water. I look down at my left arm. The scar... it's still there after Frankie got stung by a wailer in the Maze when we were escaping. She went crazy and cut my forearm. Her words, "Traitor!" ring in my head over and over as I watch Aris bang his hands on the floor. How am I a traitor?

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