Chapter 15

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Newt's POV
Wicked lines us up next to each other. I am on my knees next to Minho and Fry. I look all around, no sign of Y/N. Where is she? What did they do to her? I feel my heart start to pound as the Wicked guard behind me scans my neck. "A5." He says moving onto Minho. Then to Thomas. Janson walks in front of everyone looking at all of us one by one. "Did we get all of them?" Janson asks one of his guards. "Mostly." The guard says as Janson gives him the death stare. "Where the hell is Y/N! You god damn fools she's the one I want more than any of them." He yells kicking a bottle over. "I'm right here." Y/N's voice rings as everyone looks in the direction of her voice. She stands there with her hands up and slowly walks forward. The wicked guard brings her over to Janson as he smiles. "Lovely to see you again." He says punching her in the stomach. She falls to the ground as I feel myself jerk up. Two wicked guards pick her up by both arms and put her in the line next to Thomas. She sits up, barely able to, and looks at me. The sight of he puts me at ease. "Bring her down." Janson says as the mother wicked helicopter slowly makes its way to the ground.

The mother wicked helicopter pushes gusts of dirt into our faces as it touches the ground. The back of it opens revealing 4 bigger more strong Wicked guards protecting the one and only Doctor Ava Paige. She walks out as she's wearing all white. She has blonde hair pulled back in a tight professional bun and they all walk in our direction. "Is this all of them?" Ava questions Janson as she comes up to him. "Most of them," he says and continues, "It'll be enough." Ava starts walking over to us as she says, "Start loading them on." One by one, the kids are loaded on the mother aircraft. I watch as they take Matt... Landon... Sonya... Aris. I try to get up but Thomas forces me down. "Why didn't you run?" He questions me as I look up at all the mess wicked has created. How did they know where to find us? "I'm tired of running." I say as the questions stop. A Wicked guard pushes me up in front of Ava Paige as she stands there starring at me. "Hello Y/N." She says in the most calm tone of voice. As I stand here, Teresa walks up to Ava and stands next to her. "Glad your safe darling." Ava says putting her arm around Teresa. "Teresa?" I question as all of our group members stand up and stand behind me. "What the hell?" Frypan questions. "What's going on?" Newt questions. Thomas sighs and says, "She's with them." My heart drops as all my memories. All of my nightmares. I see. I see what is going on here. "I'm sorry. This is the only way. The only way to find a cure." Teresa says acting as if she was sorry for what she did. "She's right. She's always been with us deep down, and once we restored her memories, she knew she couldn't turn against family." Janson says smiling. I put my head down in anger. My accusations are right. The hateful mother in my nightmares. Ava was the mother who put me in the freezer as punishment. And Teresa, Teresa was the sister who ignored me and never stood up for me.  "You're not my mom. You're not my dad. You're not my sister." I say to Teresa, Ava, and Janson. "You can't fight it. No matter what you think of me Y/N, I am a doctor and I swore an oath to find a cure. And if I have to risk everything, I will." Ava says as I close my ears. I watch as Ava looks behind me. "Hello Mary." She says looking at the doctor behind me. "I'm sorry we had to speak under these circumstances." Ava says. I look back at Mary as she says, "I'm sorry. But not about this. My conscience is clear." Mary says as Ava sighs. "So is mine." Without warning, a gunshot in fired as I jump. I watch as Mary falls to the ground. "Mary? Mary! Mary! Mary!" Vince shouts as he catches her fall. He strokes her face and holds her tight calling her name. He starts yelling toward Janson as I turn to see Janson with the gun in his hand. "Come on Janson. Load them up, let's go." Ava says turning around. "Come on lets go!" Ava shouts. A guard starts pushing me in the direction of the aircraft. I elbow him in the jaw and pull out the bomb I found in Jorge's backpack. The thing that will save all of us. "Get back! Get back right now!" I yell as I open the button and the bomb beeps. "Woah woah! Hold your fire!" Janson shouts to all of his men. "Y/N! Stop!" Ava yells. "Y/N! stop! They promised all of us would be safe if we would just go with them." Teresa exclaims. "Am I just suppose to trust you now. Let them go! Let all those kids go!" I should as Ava yells back, "Y/N you know I can't do that!" I hold the bomb up to them as Ava puts her hand up. "You really want to kill them?" She says pointing back behind me to Newt, Thomas, Minho, Harriet, and Fry. "Think about what your doing Y/N!" Janson yells as I think about it. I would be risking all of their lives. I feel someone grab my shoulder. I look over to see Minho. "Do it." He says. I look to my right to see Newt there. "We're right here with you." He says nodding. I feel the presence of Thomas behind me. Fry standing next to him. "Y/N. No." Teresa says with tears in her eyes. "It's the only way..." I say closing my eyes preparing for an impact strong enough to kill us. This is it. This is the end of everything. We can finally escape from wicked for good. I get ready to push the button when the sound of a vehicle comes over a hill. I see as all the guards turn to Jorge driving in and hitting one of the helicopters off into the canyon. Debris from the  helicopter goes everywhere. "Get down!" Newt yells pulling me down. I feel a stinging pain in my forehead but I ignore it. "Get her out of here!" Janson's yells to the guards to get Ava out. Smoke and dust flies everywhere as I cough it out of my lungs. Jorge jumps out of the car and starts shooting everyone with his pistol laughing. I get up to run the opposite direction when 4 wicked guards point their electrical guns at me. I look down at my hand to see the bomb. I toss it in the middle of the guards as I turn back. "Get down!" I yell covering my head and pushing the button. The loud noise causes my hearing to go out as I'm left with a ringing. I feel dizzy as I try to get up. Out of nowhere, Janson punches me in the face as he stands over me. "What a waste." He says cocking his pistol and points it at my head. I close my eyes tightly when I hear a gunshot. Janson flinches back as he noticed the bullet in his shoulder. I turn and look up at the mountain to see Brenda there with a Rifle. I get up to run as Janson falls to the ground still shooting at me. Janson gets up and starts to run after me. I start to run as I notice the Wicked guards in front of me collapse as Brenda shoots them clearing a path. I watch as Vince jumps in the back of the truck with the huge machine gun as he starts to fire at every Wicked worker he saw. He then starts to fire at the helicopter in the sky. Making the helicopter retreat.
       I meet up with the others as Minho yells, "Go Y/N! I got you!" He says shooting the guards behind me. I run and leap into Newts arms. "Minho come on!" Thomas yells at I turn back to Minho as he reloads the Rifle. "Minho!" I shout when he's shot in the stomach with a Wicked electrical gun. He turns to us and falls over a box reaching out for us as he is send into an electric shock. "Minho!" I yell with tears in my eyes as I try to run to him. I feel Jorge pull me back as the Wicked guards grab Minho and carry him to the mother Wicked aircraft. "No! Minho!" I scream and yell as Jorge pulls me back more. Thomas, Fry, Newt, Jorge, Brenda, and I all retreat in the opposite direction. I stop to look back. Everything destroyed and engulfed in flames. The rest of Wicked's people run into the aircraft as I watch it slowly close. I see Minho unconscious. Teresa behind Dr. Ava Paige. Janson holding his bullet wound. And on that craft, Aris, Landon, Sonya, and Matt. Everything is gone. The ginormous helicopter completely shuts and slowly takes off into the sky. I stare as I watch it leave my sight. As I watch the people I care about taken by Wicked once again without a choice.

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