Chapter 14

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We all get into two trucks seeing as there are a lot of us. The man at the steering wheel starts the car that Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Fry, and I are in. Newt turns to look at me and smiles. "I'm happy for you. You found your group." Newt says as I hug him. My grip tightens as I say, "I couldn't have done it without you." I hear him laugh as I feel him smile. We let go of each other as I look out the window to see we're on our way to the right arm. Everything is perfect. We found Harriet and Sonya. We made it to the Army. What could possibly go wrong?
The trucks come to a stop as everyone gets out of the car. Harriet and Sonya get in front of everyone as they lead the way. I look up to see a camp of tons of people. We start to walk in as Sonya says, "You guys are lucky you found us when you did. We're moving out at first light." Sonya then looks over to a man apart of the group. "Where's Vince?" Sonya asks the man. "I think he's over there." The man with curly brown hair and a beard says pointing in the direction we are already going. "Who's Vince?" I question as we continue walking in the direction the man said to go in. "He's the one who decides if you get to stay." Harriet says looking back at me with a smile.
"I thought the Right Arm was supposed to be an army?" Thomas questions. Before Harriet could speak, a man with a beard and brown slicked back hair comes into the conversation. "Yea we were." The man says and continues, "This is all that's left." He looks around at his camp. We all stop walking as the man, who's named I assume is Vince, says, "A lot of people died to get where we are." Vince them turns to Harriet, "Who are they?" Harriet adjusts her backpack that's over her shoulder and says, "Their immunes. We caught them coming up the mountain." Vince looks at all of us in suspicion as he says, "Did you check them?" Newt looks over at me with furrowed eyebrows. "I know this guy Aris and this girl Y/N, I trust them." Harriet says looking back at Aris and I. "Well I don't. Check them." Vince says telling his men around us to check us. They don't get really far when one man says, "Boss." He points to Brenda as she breaths heavily. I look over at Thomas with a worrisome look on my face. Brenda wheezes trying time breathe and then falls to the ground. "Brenda! Brenda!" Jorge says scrambling over to her and putting her in his arms. "I'm sorry." She barely says. Everyone crowds around her as Vince crouches in front of Jorge and Brenda. "What's wrong with her?" Vince questions in sympathy. "I don't know. Brenda!" Jorge says putting all his attention on her. Vince sees the wrap she wrapped on her leg as he unravels it. Vince jumps up and grabs his pistol from his belt. "Crank. She's a crank!" He yells pointing his gun at her. "No! No!" Jorge yells as Thomas and I put ourselves between the gun and Brenda. "Wait look this just happened! She's not dangerous yet!" Thomas says. "Well you shouldn't have brought her here! We let cranks in now the safe haven won't last a week!" Vince says coming closer with the gun. I grab the tip of his gun as I say, "I know." He shakes his gun loose as Jorge is ripped from Brenda. "Get back!" Vince says pointing the gun at me then at Brenda. "Wait wait. Look" I say lowering my voice, "I understand. But I told her you can help her. There's got to be something you can do." I say looking back at Brenda. She lays there helplessly heavily breathing. I look back as Harriet is holding a gun up too. "Yea there is something I can do." Vince says taking a deep breath. He cocks his gun and says, "I can put her out of her misery." Vince says aiming his gun. "No! No!" Jorge says aggressively trying to get back to Brenda. "No wait!" I say before I hear a woman's voice. "Vince! That's enough! Let him go!" She orders the men holding Jorge. They let go of him as he drops down to Brenda. I look back at a woman with dark brown hair. "She's infected doc. There's nothing we can do." Vince tells the so called doctor. The woman looks at me with a smile. "No, but she can. Hello Y/N." She says as everyone brings their attention to me. "You know who I am?" I question her. She looks down and says, "Interesting. Makes sense. They did put you in the maze after all." The doctor says walking over to Brenda and takes her arm to feel for a pulse. "Though I was scared they killed you after what you did." The doctor says looking up at me as she sits next to Brenda. "What I did?" I question looking at the woman who is hopefully going to save Brenda's life. "The first time we spoke. You told me you couldn't take it anymore. You couldn't keep watching your friends die one by one. The last time we spoke, you gave me the coordinates of every Wicked compound, trial, and lab." She says as I'm left in shock. So what Thomas was talking about. How I told him I had to do it. That's what I did. "She was our source." Vince says looking at me as I still keep all my attention on the doctor. I'm the reason the Right Arm attacked Wicked. I'm the reason they knew where to find them. "We couldn't have pulled all of this off without her." The doctor says as she looks over towards Brenda. "Take her to the tent. And get these guys some more clothes." The doctor says as Jorge and another man slowly pick her up. Teresa looks at me and then looks down. "It's the least we can do. Y/N, come with me. I need to get some blood from you." She says as I look back at Newt. He starts walking in my directs when Vince and other men take them to get more clothes. The doctor puts her arm around me as we walk away to a tent.
The doctor, Mary, sits me down in a chair next to Brenda's bed. Jorge is sitting across from me on the other side of her bed. Mary wipes my arm with some substance on a small square cloth. She then has a needle in her hand and says, "Hold still. This won't hurt." She says poking me with the needle and taping it to my arm. She then gets up and walks behind me to her table. I watch as my blood slowly exits my body and fills the long tube going behind me. I watch as Brenda lays on he table unconscious breathing very heavily. "In the beginning, we were lost. All we knew for sure, was that the younger you were, the stronger your chances." Mary says doing things at her tables. I turn around to her as I question, "You worked for wicked?" She slowly nods her head as if there is shame. "Long time ago." I look back at Jorge as he looks suspiciously at the woman helping his daughter. "You know at first, we had the best intentions. Find a cure, save the world." She says pouring some substance into a cup. "It was clear you kids were the key. Because you were immune. But why?" Mary questions looking over at me with the cup of the liquid in her hand. "Eventually, we found an answer. An enzyme produced by the brain of the immune. Once separated from the blood stream, can surge as a powerful agent. To slow the spread of the virus." Mary says pouring the substance in the cup into a tube. "So you found a cure!" I say sitting up in excitement. Mary looks over to me and says, "Not exactly. The enzyme can't be manufactured. Only harvested from the immune. The young. Of course, that didn't stop Wicked." She says extracting the blue substance from the tube into the syringe. The same blue liquid that Janson was taking out of those kids back at the sanctuary. That why they were being harvested! "If they had their way, they'd sacrifice an entire generation. All for this." She says holding up the syringe with about an inch full of the blue substance. Mary stares at the blue liquid and says, "A gift of biology. Of evolution. But one not meant for all of us." Mary walks over to Brenda with the syringe. Jorge holds Brenda's head in place as she is gasping while asleep. Mary slowly sticks t syringe into her bloodstream and Brenda exhales in relief. She is now quiet. Silently breathing. "How long will that give her?" I question watching as Brenda smiles in her sleep. "It's different for everyone. A few months maybe. But that's the catch isn't it? She'll always need more." Mary says and continues. "Let's go outside and let them rest. Let's go." Mary says to Jorge. He slowly gets up hating to leave her side. "She'll be fine." Mary Assures Jorge as he walks out of the tent. Before she leaves, she turns to me and says, "Y/N, you know she can't come with us right?" Mary then walk out of the tent leaving Brenda and I alone. I look at my arm, the cotton ball covering my arm so I don't bleed everywhere. I look at Brenda in wonder. How long will it last? It doesn't matter because she can't go with us. I feel my eyes start to water as I quietly use my sleeve to stop myself from crying.
Once I feel I can stand, I walk over to the edge of Brenda's bed seeing her before I walk outside. I notice something by her side as curiosity gets the best of me. I slowly grab it to find it's a locket. I open it to see a mirror and a picture of some boy. "He was my brother." I hear Brenda's voice say. I look to see her eyes open as she's smiling. I put down he locket and sit next to her. "How do you feel?" I ask as she opens the locket herself to look at the boy in the picture. "He cared about everyone." She says as she looks at me. So many questions go through my head. "Where is he now?" I question as she turns over on her side facing me. "I don't know." She says and continues, "When we were little, we were taken into one of Wicked's camps. They did a bunch of tests on us. They didn't want me... but they wanted him though. They didn't even let me say goodbye." She says closing her eyes. "What was his name?" I question her as she smiles. "George." She says closing her eyes again. I want to talk to her but I know she wants to rest. "Get some rest okay." I say patting her on the shoulder. She looks at me and says, "Thank you." She smiles as she closed her eyes once again. I walk out of the tent as Jorge stands up. He hugs me and says, "Thank you Hermana." He pats my back and then let's go of me. "She's awake. You should go see her." I say. Jorge nods and starts to walk to the tent. He then says, "Looks like I owe you one." I smile as he walks into the tent. I notice the sun going down as the breeze brushes across my cheek.
       "Hey Y/N! I figured by the time you were done, you would want to change and you'd be hungry. So here's some clothes. You can change in that tent over there." Harriet says pointing to a green short tent. "Then you can go to Johnathan over there. Tall fellow with red hair." She says pointing to a guy as he hands some people some food. "He will give you a bowl of stew." She says patting my back and walking away. "Thank you." I say turning and smiling at her. I start to walk in the direction of the tent. I see all the sweet faces smile at me as I walk by. They really are so accepting here. There is so many things about these people that I can trust. This is different than the sanctuary. We're not imprisoned behind doors.  I open the flap of the tent and step through. Once I make sure i'm secure and alone, I take off the blue shirt I have on and put on the grey long sleeve they gave me. I then take off the pants i've had since i've been in the maze, and I put on new black jeans with some holes in them. I then slip on some boots that they gave me. I take my old clothes and put them in a container that they had in there that says 'Old Clothes'. I look in the mirror and smile as I see how happy I am. We're finally free. We can finally get to the safe haven. Out of nowhere, a boom filled my ear drums. The sound of screaming came when another boom hit shaking the ground below me. More and more booms came as I could see light coming from outside the tent. My eyes widen as I see what's going on. I run for the flap of the tent before it's engulfed in flames. My only way out is in flames. Thinking fast, I push the mirror down on the floor hard to make it shatter. I pick it up a big piece of glass and I use it to cut open the opposite side of the tent from the fire. Once i got it open, I throw the piece of glass and jump through the hole I created. I cough as the smoke enters my nose as it's hard to breathe. I look up to see Wicked helicopters as the guards drop down to the ground. I watch as they start to shoot the Right Arm people with the electrical guns back at the sanctuary. I cough some more as I search for Newt. "Newt!" I y'all for him when's Wicked guard sees me and recognizes me. I run away as I see him follow me. Turning around the tent, I notice Brenda's tent engulfed in flames. The Wicked guard catches up to me and holds his gun up. "Freeze!" He yells as I throw my hands up. "Look you don't have to do this." I say right when I see Jorge tackle him to the ground. Jorge shoots him straight in the chest with his pistol. I feel someone grab my shoulder. As I turn around, Brenda stands there as she brings me down behind some boxes for cover. "You dumb ass." She says as we watch Wicked take over the only source of freedom we've ever had. "You're going to get yourself killed." Brenda says hitting me in the shoulder. I watch as all the people run for their lives. "We have to go! Now while we still have a chance." Jorge says as I immediately disagree. "We have to find the others." I say getting ready to run to them. "No! No! Look! You can't help them!" Jorge says pointing at the the others with Vince as they are all on a circle around a truck. Thomas, Minho, Newt, Harriet, Aris, Fry, Sonya, and Vince all firing at the Wicked guards. Their fighting for their lives as I'm just standing here watching. I have to help them! I have to! Suddenly, one of wicked's men throws an electrical grenade as it lands in the bed of the truck they are in. "SHIT!" Vince says when their all electrocuted and brought to their knees. The wicked members slowly approach them. I feel my eyes start to water as I sit against the box we're covered by. "Shit." I say wiping my tears away. "I'm sorry. There's nothing you can do for them. If we move now, we'll be better off." I sit there in silence. The thought of leaving, never seeing them again. My mind goes through millions of bad things as I say, "You guys gotta get out of here." Brenda looks at me with a shocked expression. "What No!" Brenda refuses until I say, "It'll be safer for you. But you have to go now. I can't leave without them." I say looking at them with my eyes filled with tears. "Y/N?" Brenda asks as I say nothing. A long silence is filled between the three of us. "Good luck kid. Brenda, we have to go. Now!" Jorge says as they get up and escape away. I watch as they disappear from my line of sight. I bite my lip thinking, What do I do now. Surrender to them? There's no way I can get them all out by myself. I look down to the left of me to see a bag that Jorge forgot. I unzip the bad to find something I think Jorge left on purpose. The key to getting everyone away from Wicked... once and for all.

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