Chapter 4

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Aris' POV
I look over to see Y/N asleep on the bunk next to me. She deserves it. She didn't sleep last night so i'm sure she could use the energy. I can't sleep. The thought of Janson taking her again and the fact it was so easy for Janson to do so makes me worry. I don't want to worry because I know she can take care of herself, but after our group was split and the rest are probably dead, I can't let someone take her away from me. There was only four of us that escaped that maze. Y/N, Harriet, Sonya, and me. I glance over to Y/N's left arm and see the scar from her scratch. In the maze when we were about to get out, Y/N was attached by a girl named Frankie because she was stung. Frankie cut her arm. Harriet and Sonya were holding the pressure. She lost a lot of blood. She had it stitched when we got here. Now the wound is closed but it still hurts her to use sometimes. All the sudden, Y/N starts speaking, "No, no, no." Screams fills the room and Y/N starts freaking out crying. "Y/N? Hey hey, it's ok! I'm right here," I yell. She keeps screaming trying to kick me away. I grab her from her back and hold her in place talking in her ear, "Y/N! It's Aris! I'm right here!" She stops squirming and screaming as she turns to look into my eyes. Her face is bright red and her eyes are full of tears. "Aris?" she softly questions. I nod and smile. "What was that about?" I question. She looks around as if she is confused about where she is. "I...I don't know," she says giving me another hug.

       I let go of Aris and stare. That was terrifying. It was a nightmare. But it was real. It was a bad memory. It was about my grandma. I was about 6 years old. She was holding me tight saying the same thing over and over. "I love you. Never forget that. I love you. Never forget that." Repeats in my head one after another. The men in uniform took me away. Soon after hearing a gunshot. The letters W.C.K.D. labels on the mans shoulder. Wicked killed my grandma. She was there laying on the cold floor. Why do I all the sudden remember this specific memory? "What time is it?" I question Aris as he sits there with worry on his face. "It's probably about to be midnight. We need to get going soon." Aris says. "Lets go now. We have to figure out whats behind that door." I say opening the vent shaft. "You can lead the way," I say. Aris nods as he gets on all fours and begins to crawl down the passage.
       We arrive at Thomas' bunk and Aris calls for him. Thomas shows his face underneath the bed and looks exhausted. "I have a bad feeling." Thomas says with a worrisome expression. "So do I." I say speeding up the conversation. Both Aris and I crawl out of the vent into his bunk room. "Okay," Thomas says getting ready to crawl under. "Hold up. Thomas. How do you know we can trust them," The British boy claims once again with no trust in us at all. "Look, something is off here. These people are not who they say they are. If he doesn't go with us then we will go for ourselves," I say stepping ahead of Aris. The boy looks at me in disbelief. "Alright..." he says. Thomas lowers his body in an army crawling position ready to come with us. "Sorry about them." Thomas says to me. Aris is leading the way as Thomas is behind me and I'm in the middle. "It's okay. Their just trying to keep you safe." I say. Thomas shrugs it off as we keep army crawling down the shaft. "So how do you guys know they aren't really trying to help us?" Thomas questions. "Janson took me away the night he went to show you the doors. Let's just say I don't exactly trust any of them at this point." I say as Aris stops and turns toward me. He's about to speak before I interrupt him. "I'll tell you more later," I say. He nods and continues.
       We arrive at the big vent leading to the doors. Aris looks at me and says, "I'll open it and jump down to make sure the coast is clear. Then Y/N I want you to jump down. Thomas please help her down and be gentle with her left arm." Aris says opening the vent slowly. He jumps down and walks the hallway a bit. "Okay. Hurry." Aris whispers getting ready to grab my waist. I grab Thomas' hands and he loosens his grip on my left arm. I slowly come down into Aris' arms and then he stands me up on the ground. Thomas jumps down as Aris closes the vent. We walk over to the door and Thomas slides the key card down to open the door. We step in as the sliding door closes behind us. I look at Thomas with a worry in my eyes. The second set of doors open as I realize everything. We slowly walk into the long room. The kids that's name were called for 'paradise' were here. Unconscious. "Are they dead?" I question. Aris looks around and says, "I can't tell." We observe the kids hanging on the walls. Janson is taking some blue substance from our bodies. These people aren't dead, but their not alive either. "Teresa?" Thomas questions rushing over to a body with brown hair. Is that who Janson was talking about? When he took me, he asked me if I remember someone named Teresa. Is that who Thomas is talking about? Thomas moves the girls hair out of her face to find it's not Teresa. It's - "Rachel. She was called the first night. I told her everything was going to be okay." Aris says looking down. Rachel, she helped out Aris and I find the ventilation shaft. She was taken. We continue to walk around and look at all of the bodies on the walls. I wish I could have done something.... to save them.
       All the sudden, we hear the door open behind us. Thomas quickly pushes me behind a pillar and covers my mouth with his hand. He looks at me and physically assures me that it's going to be okay. I feel my breathing become heavy. He takes his hand off of my mouth and leads me to the other side of the pillar. We see Janson walk to the back of the room. Thomas holds his hand on my back and peaks over the side of the pillar. I lean over to do the same. Janson was on a call with someone. No... it's not her. It can't be. It's Doctor Ava Paige. "I thought she was dead?" I whisper over to Thomas. "Me too." Thomas says. Doctor Ava Paige. She was the one who put us in the Maze. She videoed her shooting herself after something failed in her laboratory. Janson and Ava talk for a little until they spoke louder and more clear. "I want them prepped for harvest by tomorrow morning. Oh and Janson. I don't want them to feel any pain." Ava says. "But Dr. Paige. We are going as fast as we can." Janson says. "Well then you're going to have to find a quicker way." Ava says getting up out of her office chair. I look over to Thomas with confusion written all over my face. "Is this harvest?" I question Thomas as he shrugs. "Why don't we just start with our most recent arrivals then?" Janson says. "Just get it done!" Ava says ending the call. Thomas pulls me around the back of the pillar and I say, "Thomas. That's you guys." Thomas looks at me with wide eyes.

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