Chapter Seven

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Dedication: Starsglintingabove for the awesome cover on the side. Thank you! It turned out great. :)


When were these delinquents ever not partying?

Honestly, I'd been here, what, two weeks and I'd been to about four 'gatherings' and that was only the ones I attended. I had returned the towel and was now hanging out in Colin and Chase's dorm, alongside the rest of the boys and some of the girls.

We all had huddled into a group, in the centre of the room. We were all in a circle, facing each other, a cup of alcohol planted in our hands. Imogen and Chase had voiced playing the game 'I have never'. It's a cliché game, but what the hell.

"I have never..." a girl whose name was Alyssa I think, trailed off, cocking her head slightly, thinking about what to say. "Never slept with a teacher."

I glanced over at Imogen, who sheepishly raised her cup. Chase narrowed his eyes at this, but it was only fleeting. I smirked. I wonder if they would ever label themselves and actually just go out. They practically were a couple anyway.

Just like I had been with Gabe...

Another girl drank, much to my surprise. I really didn't think affairs with teachers were that common. Huh. Maybe I should hook myself up. The next person was another girl, with bright, red hair who's name I really couldn't remember. She grinned. "I have never... slept with someone in the bathroom at a party."

A couple of people snickered and Johnny and I exchanged a guilty glance. We both drank and I felt the hard stare of someone. I looked over at Colin who had his jaw clenched. I raised my eyebrows at him and he swivelled his eyes from me and death stared his cup.

Okay then.

"I have never..." the next girl said, tapping her chin, in deep thought. "Had a threesome."

I almost choked on my own saliva at the amount of people who drank to that. I widened my eyes as Imogen took a sip. What hasn't the girl done? I shook my head. Yeah, I had been wild, but I had never done that. Eyes fell onto me and I stared back in confusion, before realisation dawned on me. It was my turn to play. I bit my lip, contemplating on what to ask. I should have thought ahead, because now I was stuck.

"I have never..." I began, my eyes darting around as if something in the room would give me some sort of clue. I concluded it with a genius response of; "Er- never graffited something."

To my surprise almost everybody in the circle took a gulp. I quirked an eyebrow. "Really, guys? Really?"

A couple shrugged. "It's the norm here."

"Fair enough," I laughed, rolling my eyes. "Clearly I missed the initiation."

"We'll hook you up," Chase informed me. "We'll take your graffiti virginity."

I snorted, alongside a couple of the others.

Glancing over, I met Johnny's eyes. He gave me a nod and I pretended I didn't see it. I drew my thighs up to my chest and rested my chin on the top of my right knee. I rolled my lips into my mouth as the game continued. It went for about another twenty minutes, before it got old and we all moved onto something else.

The music was turned back on and the floor beneath began pulsating once more. I swayed my body to the movement. Imogen came over to me, stumbling slightly. She interlaced our fingers together and we began doing some pretty 'cool' dance moves. I grinned at her as she almost tripped over, in her ginormous heels.

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