Chapter Twenty One

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Dedication: IIXxPurple_NinjaxXII for the awesome cover on the side. Thank you heaps, it's awesome. :)


I was so hungry, I could eat a horse.

"And chase the jockey." Dad's voice whispered in my mind. He used to find that ad on T.V hilarious. The volume would be raised but you could never hear the joke over Dad's laughter. I shook my head as I replayed the scene in my head.

I continued to stumble disorientatedly down the hallway of Downright High. My stomach was growling at me so intensely, I wouldn't be surprised if security came barrelling down the hallway, thinking someone had thrown a hand grenade. Raking my hands agitatedly through the angry snarls of my hair, I rounded the corner and tripped towards the lunch room. Pushing by anyone who got in my way. I managed to make it although the process was slow.

The selection was pretty poor but I didn't care right now. I loaded up my place with anything that was available. Grabbing a handful of biscuits, I headed towards the lounge, where I could sprawl out and enjoy my feast.

"Munchies?" Jeremy sniggered at me, materiaising in front of me.

"Surprisingly no." my voice slurred.

"Woah. Are you drunk?"


He snorted, folding his arms across his chest. "Yes you are. If you threw a party and didn't invite me, I'm going to be very cross with you."

"I didn't have one."

He pursed his lips at me. "Was it a house party or pity party?"

"Unless you call attending a funeral a house party, I would say option two."

His eyebrows shot up in the air as his mouth opened and closed several times. He stared at me for a moment. I think he was wondering whether I was actually being serious or not. When I didn't crack a smile or roll my eyes, he slowly sunk down beside me. His body was stiff as he half turned toward me, a frown dented across his face.


I half-shrugged. "You didn't know."

He gave me a tight-lip smile and awkwardly dropped his eye contact. "Who?"

"My grandmother. The only person I got along with."

He winced and rubbed the back of his neck. "I understand now why you're so hammered."

Letting out a whoosh of breath, I reclined back, so that I didn't have to hold my head up anymore. I let my eyelids flutter close for a moment.

I'll just rest my eyes...


"Is she awake?"

"Not yet."

"Should I nudge her?"

"Just poke her in the face."

"She will bite my hand off if I do that."

"Fine. I will."

"Colin don't-"

"Ouch!" I snapped, slapping Colin's hand away from my face as his finger sharply jabbed my left cheek.

"Told you." Imogen laughed, smirking.

"Welcome back to the land of the living!" Jeremy cried out dramatically, his voice unusually deep, his arms spread out wide.

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