Chapter Thirty Two (re-written: expanded and plot change)

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Hi guys, thanks for sticking with this story to see the ending. As explained, the published version doesn't have the pregnancy scare in it (due to many negative comments I received about it). This chapter has been replaced with the published version which means there is no pregnancy scare AT ALL and this chapter DOES NOT have it like it used to. It has been re-written and the rest of the story from here is the published version ending. (There's more about the pregnancy part at the bottom of the chapter).

I hope you enjoy!


Dedication: Thank you to SimplicityFault for the cover on the side!


My mind kept thinking about the man in the photo.



The memory of meeting him burned my mind.

His hand grabbed my arm. He pulled my jacket back, revealing the Downright High emblem, perched above my left breast. I jerked my arm from his as though he had burned me. I could still feel his hot breath as it fanned across my face.

His smirk was full stretched across his face. "Downright High? That's interesting."

Imogen's step father was... Colin's step-father's boss? Was this just a coincidence? Dread and feelings of trepidation filled my veins.

Definitely not a good coincidence.


The tension was so thick in the room, I was surprised I could even move.

I glared at my plate, unable to withstand the penetrating stare of Ameika's father. By the time I arrived at their place, their dinner was already served on the table. Swallowing nervously, I fiddled with my mashed potato, having lost my appetite.

"Tell us everything that has happened," Ameika's mother, Angela, gushed. She looked a lot like Ameika. They were both shorter than the average person and had lightly tanned skin from spending too much time outside. She leaned forward on her elbows with her chin cupped in her palm. "Your hair looks gorgeous in that shade of brown! It suits you much more than the blonde."

Ever since I set foot in the car, I had to endure a slingshot of questions. Before that, she embraced me so tightly, I wouldn't be surprised if one of my ribs had cracked. Honestly, it was great to be back here with Ameika, but at the same time, it was so hard. After all, so much had changed. How could they possibly understand what I had been through?

My mouth opened, but no words came out. She pushed forward with her questions obliviously.

"Are you still modeling?"

I gaped at her. Modeling felt like a lifetime ago.

"Er...Mum," Ameika interrupted and took an uneasy sip of juice. "I told you that Hayley has been at boarding school. She hasn't been able to model."

"Such a shame!" she cooed dramatically, giving me a sad look. "You were so great at it!"

I just stared down at a small scratch on the table, feeling uncomfortable. I used to enjoy Angela's persistent questioning and need to know every detail about my life. And I used to love talking about myself. It was a completely different story now.

"So, is this boarding school why you left without a word and broke my daughter's heart?" her father asked in a cold tone.

It was the first time he uttered a word since my arrival. I stared back at him coolly. His mustache had wisps of gray through it. He had also accumulated more wrinkles around his eyes since the last time I saw him. Apart from that, he looked the same as ever.

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