Chapter Ten

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"Five more minutes."

"Get up!"

"Two more..."

"Hayley. Get. Up." Imogen growled, yanking on my arm. I swatted her away and buried my face deeper into my pillow. She ripped the warm, toasty blankets from my legs, which instantly was replaced with the cold morning air.

I grumbled, drawing one of my eyes open. I actually had had a decent sleep last night, but no, I couldn't even stay and have a celebration sleep in. School was just calling my name. Or, a very persistent friend rather.

"Up now, or I'll go and get a glass of water."

"I hate you."

"I know. Come on."

With a deep sigh, I slowly sat up and waited for the world to stop spinning. Once successful, I rose to my feet and rubbed at my face. I peered through the cracks of my fingers, to see Imogen already dolled up to perfection, for another yet mind blowing day of school.

"Why are you so eager to get me up?" I complained.

"Because you'll get expelled if you don't keep your attendance records up. I need my best friend."

The words 'best friend' stumped my still-groggy brain. I swallowed, raising my hand to my forehead. I wouldn't say I was best friends with Imogen. Like, we were more then acquaintances, but we weren't anything beyond mere friends. Except, when I noticed she was smiling at me, warmth radiating from her in waves, I did find myself smiling back to her. I guess she actually isn't as bad as I first thought she was. She actually had been really nice to me, ever since I first came. And, I know that that probably isn't easy for her, because she is an absolute brat to most others.

I turned on my heel and dragged my feet with me, towards the bathroom. After completing the usual, I smeared some foundation across my face, applied some mascara and added some lip gloss. I ran my fingers through my wavy hair, impressed that it actually looked like it was supposed to be like that.

I grabbed some black denim shorts and yanked our white, polo shirt, with the 'Downright High' emblem, stitched onto the left breast. After finding my cute, grey boots and jamming them over my feet, I was satisfied with my appearance. I sprayed some perfume on, before grabbing my stuff, (which was one pen and one book). I didn't exactly come prepared for most classes. I emerged from the bathroom and gave Imogen the nod. She rolled her eyes and we exited, making our way to first class. The bell buzzed loudly and I sighed, letting my eyes drift shut.

I was late again.


I sat there, my legs folded underneath me and my head cocked to the side. I had my big, beach bag, full of clothes I may need for this weekend's adventures. I was now stuck on what pyjamas to pack. I bit my lip as I let my eyes wander over my options. I had a short, clingy black satin nightie, which I absolutely adored. It was as if the dress was designed particularly for my body. But, I didn't think that was appropriate going to Colin's.

With his family.

One of my other options was loose track pants and an over-sized Eminem shirt that I had scored from his concert. I wasn't sure if I was look like a bogan wearing that though. I wish Colin had informed me a little about his family, because right now, I was completely in the dark and seriously had no idea what to expect.

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