Chapter Twenty Seven

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"Put down your drink," Colin said smoothly. His voice was so sharp it could cut through class. His back was tense and I could only imagine the fierce expression that was planted on his face. "And begin to pray, because you're going to be begging me to stop in a few seconds."

Anyone could see the boy was scared shitless. Not so tough now, was he? He put the drink down, knowing he couldn't back away when he was on enemy grounds.

"Let's go." the boy said, lacking the confidence Colin's did.

Well, you could say it escalated quickly after that.


Time went so quickly it was practically a blur.

Colin launched at him aggressively, somewhat reminding me of a lion, his fist breaking the nose of the boy who pinned me down in the bathroom yesterday.

My breath was caught in my throat as I struggled to exhale properly. I felt a mixture of fear and admiration. Everyone began shouting, excitement getting the better of them. I had to admit, I was pretty smug that everyone was cheering Colin on. Everybody knew that it was his battle and that he would destroy anyone who took that from him, so they all just watched and shouted encouragements.

From the one punch, A-hole number 1 (will be referred to as that from here onward) was knocked off his feet, which was pretty hilarious I must admit. The rush of panic I had immediately felt as soon as I saw him had been replaced with the appreciation that my hot boyfriend is a bad as*. I watched in fascination, (most normal girls probably in horror) as Colin, lifted him by the collar of his shirt and smashed his fist into his jaw.

There was a consecutive 'oooh' at the sound of it. Blood began trickling down A-hole number 1's chin from the impact. Colin looked up and I froze. His gaze was directed at me but I knew he couldn't see me. His eyes were completely glazed over and with red tinging the corners. His lips were slightly a part. My eyes dropped to his already bruises knuckles. He looked like the definition of crazy. I swallowed, knowing that I needed to stop him before this got out of hand.

Sure, a good punch to the jaw the set a moron straight is always fun, but when someone starts bashing another person to the point of endangering their life, it was not. I didn't want it to cross over to that.

Who would have thought Hayley Larson had a responsible side to her?

I took a step forward before a slight gasp escaped my mouth. I'm not sure how he managed it, but A-hole number 1 managed to get to his feet whilst Colin was momentarily distracted. He brought his knee up towards his chest before sending his foot towards Colin's thigh. His leg collapsed another him and Colin dropped to the floor faster than I could blink.

Without a second of hesitation, Colin was back fighting, but now he was the one on the ground. A-hole number 1 had the upper hand. He booted Colin in the ribcage hard and that's when I snapped.

Rage flooded through my veins as the images of him doing the same thing to me yesterday burned through my mind. My body reacted before my mind did, as usual. I ran at him and threw my whole body at his back, knowing that I needed all my weight behind me to take him down. He let out a strangled cry as we both tumbled uncomfortably to the floor.

I socked him hard in the jaw, the part I knew Colin had already hit. A string of curses left his mouth as he was hit, yet again. I clawed at his neck, my nails biting into his flesh maliciously. He managed to throw most of my body off of him and backhanded me across the face.

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