Chapter Thirty One

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"That," I said slowly, making sure my gaze was penetrating through her. "Was for telling my uncle of my whereabouts. Next time you do anything like that again, I will kill you. I swear Eliza, I will kill you."

I paused momentarily, as she gave me a confused look but I shrugged it off. With that, I rose to my feet. Still holding my weapon of choice, I walked from her, leaving her gasping for breath in the middle of the floor. Just as I was rounding the corner I heard the footsteps of guards rushing toward her.

That felt good.


"First the drugs, now this?" the same guard who has dealt with me a few times (mainly my late night searches for milk) asked with a sigh. "I know the drugs weren't yours, but you took the fall for it. This isn't the same though is it?"

I shook my head slowly. "No and I would do it again."

"You know I can extend your visit to isolation for saying things like that?" he questioned, quirking an eyebrow at me as he slowly withdrew a pair of slightly rusted handcuffs from his pocket.

"But you won't."

He narrowed his eyes slightly at me. "I think you're overestimating my tolerance for you."

Rolling my eyes, I gave him a lope-sided smile. "Just put the handcuffs on and stop embarrassing yourself. We both know you're not going to."

He breathed a quiet laugh, shaking his head at me. He was just fastening the cuffs around my wrists when one of the other guards emerged around the corner. I stiffened slightly, my carefree attitude drying up. Most of the guards were indifferent and cold, this new one on the scene included. I have never liked this guard. He was one of the two that escorted me in on my first day. I only recall that because I distinctly remember his missing tooth.

Other than Anthony (my current guard), I had not made a connection with any of the others. I think Anthony knew deep down I wasn't going to suddenly stab him in the neck with a pen one day walking down the corridor. I think we somehow, without communicating so, had found an understanding with each other. Despite us needing to have a very professional relationship, if he didn't push me around like the other guards did, I wouldn't be a hassle. It was a win-win for both of us really.

"Got this one handled?" he asked gruffly, adjusting his belt slightly.

"Yeah, straight to isolation?"

"Principal first." he announced and my head snapped up.

Why did I need to talk to the principal? He usually only spoke to us if we were in really serious trouble (fights are so regular and this one being mild, I don't really see the fuss) or if we were new. The last few visits I had had with the principal, had always been about some "act of violence". I really wasn't winning him over with my charismatic attitude, that's for sure.


He didn't reply. I swivelled my eyes to Anthony who only shrugged, looking as clueless as I was. He placed his hand on the small of my back (rather than digging his fingers into my biceps like the other guards do) and guided my down the hall. Once we were out of range from the other guard, I turned to Anthony.

"This is going to be bad, isn't it?"

He grimaced at me, putting more pressure on my back to indicate I need to keep walking. "Meetings with him don't usually end well."

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