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Hey guys! To celebrate Downright Delinquents being ranked #1 recently in Action (thank you so much for that!) and being the anniversary of when I first posted this story, @ADreamingReality and I have teamed up to create a fresh, new trailer!

As I wrote the story when I was sixteen (somehow being five years ago!?), there has been a change of actors/actresses simply for the trailer. You can still imagine the original cast for the characters, but we thought modern clips would be more effective! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Don't forget you can purchase Downright Delinquents in Kindle or Paperback via a number of online stores if interested.


I also have a bunch of other stories you can read, if you're looking for something else!

*** Currently, as of February 2018 ***

Completed: Downright Delinquents, Childhood Sweethearts, The Best Thing For Me (my first ever story and it's cringe, so read at your own risk haha), Chasing Casey, Faithless, Coach's Number One and Not Quite Dead (short story).

On-Going: Bad Liar, Darker Than Sin and Coach's Second Best (Coach's Number One sequel).

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