Chapter Five

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Dedication: JustDreaam. I found the photo - but she put the title and author on it, so good team work buddy. Thanks heaps for it. :) <3


I was flung forward abruptly, my head to connecting with the harsh, cement wall. I cried out in pain, staggering backward. I spun around, my eyes rolling out of focus. I blinked rapidly and slowly, my vision gradually became clear, allowing me to see a security guard standing there, his face impassive. I straightened my spine and looked at him levelly in the eye.


"I think you're aware that you just attacked three students." he said, his voice flat and emotionless. "Punishment will now be served."

"Actually," I butted in, crossing my arms over my chest defensively. "They ganged up on me. I literally only used self-defence."

He frowned upon hearing these words. "Well, may that be the case; I still need you to hand over your weapon."

"Weapon?" I asked, giving him an enigmatical expression. All the while, my heart rate was spiking. My palms began to get clammy and I tried to wipe them without him taking notice. I swallowed, attempting to keep my collected facade rolling.

"Yes, the item you used to 'defend' yourself." he said, using quotation marks, staring at me like I was stupid. I gritted my teeth in agitation.

"Oh that," I laughed nervously, leaning back into the wall casually, bringing my leg up, so that the soul of my shoe was resting alongside the rest of my upper body. "That was Eliza's."

"Sure it was. Do you have it?" he asked, giving me a sceptical look.

"I don't. I think it fell to the ground in the bathroom." I lied fluently without even a blink. I mentally patted myself on the back for my excellent lying skills.

"Did it now?" he asked suspiciously, smirking at me slightly. "You wouldn't mind if I patted you down then?"

"Be my guest." I replied boldly.

I took a gulp as he began at the bottom of my legs. I really, really hoped it was well hidden in my little area. He got dangerously close, but thankfully, didn't quite pat down where it was. I let out a shaky breath as he took a step back.

"You're not completely free yet. You will need to speak with the Principal." he said slowly, his eyes studying me intently as though he didn't quite believe that I didn't have the 'weapon' on me and needed to do a re-check.

"Sure." I responded lightly, with a jerk of my shoulder to show I didn't really care. "No worries. Do I head there now?"

"I'll escort you."


He gripped my upper arm with his vicious fingers and steered me out of the room. My head was still pounding from the hit and I squeezed me eyes shut for a few moments. I re-opened them and let my eyes sweep over the dimly lit corridor as we wound down. He remained silent. I bit my lip, unsure of how to wriggle myself out of this.

What if I faked to faint or something?

"So, how's your day been?" I asked cheerfully.

He grunted in response. Okay, clearly not in the chatting mood. I shuffled alongside him and soon enough, I was mere inches from the Principal's door. The security guard rasped on the door loudly and it swung open automatically.

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