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May 21st, 1996
Beverly Hills, Ca

Here Emoni was, three years after the tragedy struck, that changed her mental health forever. A pain, just as deep when she lost the only person who understood her, that dark-toned, dark-haired slightly older than the lone girl. Both still the same in every way possible. Down to the way they did specific things.

Then to find another person after bearing such a loss, a loss that she almost couldn't recover from. It brought her such happiness. Happiness Emoni only dreamt of. But that all changed once her heart was soccer punched again. Bearing the loss of somebody she cared deeply for.

The same crime.

The same result.

No one is found guilty for either crime, just two losses, two bodies, found lifeless with nothing else but that. Emoni's learning to cope better with both tragedies through therapy, Kelli Moore became her permanent therapist and a friend.

After trying to take her own life, Kandice aka 'Kandi,' volunteered to move in with Emoni.

They also developed a friendship much greater than anything that she had with Nicole. She and Nicole lost contact after the year of 1999, the same year that Emoni graduated from medical school becoming a certified nurse. Along with Nicole's graduation from college a year earlier. She is now in the WNBA.

A couple of months after Amaru's second birthday, Emoni picked up her things, and Birdie's things and flew back to her home Beverly Hills. Of course, there's no shock there, it's all the girl talked about outside of Birdie while living in New York.

Kandice moves with her, and they live in the same house together. Emoni never moved on as far as love.

Loving Birdie was enough for her...


Ps. Also thank you guys so much for the endless amount of support, I really appreciate it so much. Even though I update like a snail, I know I know, I'm working on getting better with that I promise.

Anyway, more books coming soon, I hope you enjoyed reading, Thug Luv.❤️

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