36. Layin Low

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2 weeks later...
September 3rd, 1993


"You ready to go?" Nic questioned as she entered the room.

"Almost, packing my last bag now, " I said. My eyes staying on my task at hand.

"Want some help?"

"Please." She took the bag from me, throwing in extra outfits and underwear, before closing it up.

"And done. Now let's go E." She laughed grabbing my hand.

My phone started ringing so I let go of her hand. She turned around staring at me, an annoyed look spread across her face. "It's probably Birdie." I pouted.

Her eyes got wide with shock. "Y'all back together?"

"Yep, I'll tell you more later." I quickly answered the phone and thankfully it was Birdie.

"Hey boo."

I blushed from the sound of his voice. "Hey baby."

"I just wanted to call and say bye to you before you go."

"Awe, bye baby."

"So how long you gon be gone?"

"Only a couple days, I gotta get back to work." I rolled my eyes, thinking about my annoying ass boss, Mr. Bailey.

"Don't even think about work right now baby, just have a good time witcho' friends."

"I'll try." I smiled.

"Who all going anyways?"

"Me of course, Nic, Kandice, and my new friend Nikki."

"Aight, don't strangle Kandice," he teased.

"I'll try not too."

"Okay I'm not gon hold you long baby, have a safe trip, see you when you get back."

"See you when I get back Birdie."

"Take some pictures for me." He said making me laugh.

"I will." I giggled.

"Bye Emoni."

"Bye Birdie."

I hung up the phone tossing it on the bed, I grabbed my last suitcase dragging it out the door behind me. I stepped outside to see that everybody else was already in the car waiting on me. "Come on bitch!" Nikki yelled out to me.

I laughed. "I'm coming!" I jogged up to the back of the car throwing my suit case in the still open truck.

I ran over and got in the back seat next to Nikki. "Okay let's go!"

"You don't gotta tell me twice." Nic laughed before speeding off down the street.

"California here we come!" We all squealed out in unison.

I put my seatbelt on, turning my attention towards the window. This is gonna be so much fun, I can't wait, I really need this vacation, I'm gonna miss Birdie though, I wish he could come with us, he's been real busy though. So I'll just see him when I get back. Maybe we could do something together since we've been doing so great a little bae cation would be so much fun, I'll talk to him about it when I get back home.

A huge smile grew across my lips as cool air hit my face. I'm so happy. That's something that I've haven't felt in a while, happiness.

Los Angeles, CA
Ritz Carlton

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