11. Just wanted to see you

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March 25th, 1993
2 weeks later....

Homeless Shelter


It's been two weeks since I last talked to Birdie, and I still can't shake what happened that night. Birdie lost his self control and I was just completely stunned by it. He put his brother's life in danger and mine on the line and I just really don't know if I want to stay with him or not.

So I decided that I was gonna go over to Nic's house and catch up with her to get some advice ya know, some woman to woman stuff. I pulled myself out of bed and took a quick shower, got out, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair back and slipped on an oversized t-shirt with some jeans and headed on my way out.

My pager vibrated on the side of my ankle as I was walking to my car. I sighed leaning over to pull out my pager. It was Birdie paging me for literally the 15th time today. I rolled my eyes before shoving it deep down into my pocket.

I really wish that he would just leave me alone to be completely honest. But I know that he won't, he's just gonna keep on at it until he annoys me enough that I will just desperately answer, but this time around he was wrong.

I'm highly disgusted by his actions that day, so he's gonna have to do a lot more then annoy me for me to speak to his lying ass.

I don't think that I could even look at his face right now.

I snatched up my keys that had fallen, walking the rest of the way to my car. Once I got up to my car I unlocked it and quickly got inside, and without putting on my seatbelt I got in and pulled out and sped off.


I pulled up in-front of Nic's apartment building and a huge smile grew on my face. I know that it hasn't been that long but I missed Nic so much. I felt like ever since she joined the Birdmen we started to drift apart from each other, but I don't sweat her at all I know that she's out there working hard for her team and I applaud her for that.

I got out of the car, walking up to the building steps making sure that I locked the doors behind me. As I was walking up the stairs going towards the elevator my pocket vibrated I ignored it getting inside the elevator pressing 4.

Now that's the 16th time....

I stood inside the cold elevator impatiently waiting for it to open up. That same huge smile grew on my face as the metal doors slid open. I stepped outside the elevator speed walking up to Nic's apartment door.

As soon as I raised my hand to knock her door swung wide open and there she stood holding a basketball, dressed in a black t-shirt and some basketball shorts with some black nike shoes.

Her eyes got big in shock. "E?"

"Hey Nic." I said, forcing a smile back on my face.

"You look like hell,"

"I need to talk to you," I explained.

"Well, I have to get to practice right now. But why don't you just come Birdie won't—-,"

"I'm fine," I spat, cutting her off. "I don't wanna be around him."

"What the fuck happened? He cheated on you didn't he?"

"No, worse."

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