18. Birthday blues Pt. 2

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Harlem, New York
Later on that morning...


"Here you go, baby." Birdie said as he walked out of the kitchen, handing me the mug in his hand.

"Thanks." I took the mug quickly taking a sip from it.

He sighed as he sat down next to me setting his mug on the table. "Baby I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you on yo birthday."

"I know baby. It was a really nice gesture, I just can't do parties." I said to him.

"Yeah, I get it," he said rubbing the back of his head.

"I'm sorry for making you waste your money."

"It's all good, I guess. But at least what I spent the most on didn't go to waste."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean your presents."

My eyes got big in shock. "Presents?"

"Yeah, come on I know you like gifts," he joked.

I giggled. "Yeah, I do."

"Aight, wait here." he got up taking off running towards the back room.

I giggled shaking my head at his excitement. He soon returned with two full black garbage bags. He walked back over to his seat placing them both down in front of my legs. "You really bought all this for me?"

"Yep. Open one up."

"Okay." I smiled, quickly untying one of the large bags.

Birdie watched as I pulled out one of the gifts. I quickly ripped off the wrapping paper, revealing the black case beneath it. I released the ripped paper onto the floor as I opened the box. I gasped at the sight of a beautiful Ruby necklace.

It spelled my name and it had an emerald heart-shaped ruby in the middle of it. "Oh my god, Birdie. This is beautiful!" I exclaimed fanning the air.

He chuckled at my reaction. "Glad you like it, boo. Here, let me put it on you."

"Ooo, okay." I quickly undid my robe, pulling it off my shoulders.

I turned my back to him as he grabbed the necklace. He wrapped it around my neck, connecting it together. I placed my hand onto it admiring it an awe. "It's beautiful Birdie."

"I knew you were gone like this one. Ya know since you used to live lavishly."

I laughed. "Not even the ruby. It's all just really, really, beautiful."

He smiled. "That's good. Aight come on and open another one."

"Okay." I jogged back over to my seat plopping back down next to him.

I grabbed the black garbage bag, reaching inside to grab another gift. I pulled out another box it was wrapped in black wrapping paper which is my favorite color so I was already pleased. I carefully ripped off the paper neatly pushing it to the side of me.

It revealed a red velvet box that had my name imprinted on it in gold letters. "Emoni, " I spoke aloud as I admired the beautiful boxing. "Open it." Birdie spoke sounding more anxious than I.

I giggled. "Okay." I got out of my trance, pulling the lid off the box.

My eyes widened as to what I saw in the box.

My eyes widened as to what I saw in the box

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