10. Bloody lies

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March 3rd, 1993
Harlem, New York


"So? Whatchu wanna do today?" Birdie asked me as we held hands, walking in the pouring rain.

"Um, I don't know. Drinks maybe?"

He shrugged. "Shit, that's aight with me."

"Ok, cool. Drinks it is then."

"Where should we go to though?" I questioned.

He turned to me and smiled. "I know the perfect place."

"Okay, well lead the way," i giggled.

He nodded, before gripping my hand tighter, jogging across the street leading the way between some buildings. I laid my head on his shoulder, as he walked us all the way through these alleys.

I grabbed ahold of his arm, clutching onto his muscle. My eyes went low as lights started to go off.

Wow, so this must be the sketchy side of Harlem. I could tell by how scratched up the apartment building's were, some peoples pavements looked as if someone had been murdered there and I'm not even exaggerating it one bit.

I shook the thought off, just keeping my eyes down on the ground. He continued to lead the way through these alleys. About 5-10 minutes later I felt Birdie tapping me saying, "We're here."

My eyes got big in shock before looking at him then back at the building. It looked pretty rough and rugged, and I heard music blaring all the way from outside.

"Um, we're where?" I questioned, looking at him like he was crazy.

"A party." he said.

"What? Are you crazy i'm not going in there."

He kissed his teeth, "Come on, why not? It's just a party."

"Yeah for now, but later it will be like death row."

He laughed, shaking his head. "Let's just go. And if something happens then we can dip."

I put my eyes in my head, thinking about if I should say yes. I don't know, and if y'all could see this building y'all would have y'all doubts about this party too.

"Come on boo, I won't let nobody hurt you," he assured me.

I smiled. "Okay. I guess i'll loosen up for once."

"Good," he grabbed my hand, before walking up to the tore up building.

I kept my eyes up on it, looking at it slowly, I heard yelling, then more music, and it almost causes me to go into a huge panic, but then I remembered that I was with Birdie and my once stiff, shaking body now felt calm and settle.

And that's basically how I felt when I was with him. He made me feel special, safe, free. Just he made me feel everything that I wasn't, he made me feel it within me, but in a good way though.

I got out of my thoughts from the weed filled air, hulk slamming me in the face as the door opened.

"Ew, oh my god no!" I panicked, quickly fanning the air around me.

"What's wrong now?" he asked me, kind of laughing at my dramatics.

I started shaking my head. "No, nope. I can, not go inside there," i argued.

He kissed his teeth. "Why not?"

"Because it smells like ass and overdose. Hell no, I cant Birdie."

"Come on E. What happened to you saying, 'I guess i'll loosen up for once,' he mocked.

I busted out laughing at how silly and cute he looked while mocking me. "Shut up."

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