25. More drama Pt. 2

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"Is everything alright out here, I heard you yell?" That guy asked as he stepped foot into my bedroom.

Damn, I fucking forgot that he was still here.

"Who the fuck is that?!"

Oh shit...

"Birdie it's no--,"

"Naw fuck that! That's why you don't wanna see me because you fuckin' this nigga?!" He shouted cutting her off.

"What?! No Birdie!"

"Fuck that shit! Let me in!"

Emoni panicked quickly snatching off the lock backing away from the door. He charged up to the guy punching him across the face.

"Birdie stop it!" she screamed panicking with fear that he would hurt him.

The man held his cheek as he sat on the floor. He sat still for a moment before attempting to stand back up to his feet only to be hit over the head with a chair.

Emoni screamed backing further away as Birdie began to brutally beat him with the chair. "Birdie stop it! Your gonna kill him!" She shouted.

He ignored her pleads and just continued to beat the hell out of him. Emoni flinched as he hit him over and over again. The guy turned over so Birdie's blows would land on his back and not his face.

"Birdie stop it!" She screamed once more, feeling helpless as tears streamed down her eyes.

"Ayo what the fuck is going on in here?!" Bugaloo shouted as he burst through the door with a gun in his hand.

"Make him stop!" She shouted back at him in a frantic.

"Oh shit," he said, staring at the scene, lowering his gun slowly.

"Please!" She pleaded for him to help once again.

"Yeah, yeah." he stuttered breaking out of his gaze, rushing over to pull Birdie off the defenseless man.

"Birdie, man stop! Come on we gotta go!" he yelled as he literally tried to pry Birdie off.

Before she knew it two more men rushed inside the room to help Bugaloo get him off. Emoni sat there in shock as all the sound faded out around her as they dragged a screaming Birdie out of the room. "You a fuckin' ho! I should have been got rid of yo yamp ass!"

Tears fell heavily from her eyes blurring her vision as his words shot through her like a thousand bullets, Emoni's brain only wrapped around the harsh words that flew straight from his mouth. She sat down on the bed crossing her arms as they continued to drag Birdie out of the room.

"I'm calling the fucking cops!" The guy yelled as he bled out on the floor.

Oh my fucking god, Emoni thought to herself as she sat there with hurt in her heart and disbelief.


June 20th, 1993
1 month later...

"Bye Emoni."

"Bye Sue," I said as I made my way out the door.

"Say you wanna get drinks later? My treat," she said with a smile throwing her bag over her shoulder.

"No, I can't tonight. I have to pick up my boyfriend."

"Oh, from where?" she questioned with a raise of a brow.

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