26. Break up to make up

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June 24th, 1993
Manhattan, New York

"These your's?" Birdie asked with his back turned from me.

I stood still with my hands on my hips waiting for him to turn to me. He soon did, holding a thong from the tip of his finger.

I smiled before speaking to him. "Yes, that's mine Birdie."

"You wore these already?" he asked with a raise of a brow.

I laughed. "Yes. I did. It was supposed to be a surprise for someone but that someone was being a jackass so, no."

He kissed his teeth, clutching them in his hand tightly. "I thought I said I was sorry."

"I know baby, I was just saying," I assured him.

"Good. Come here and gimmie' a kiss." he puckered his lips all the way up closing his eyes.

I giggled before leaning in to kiss him. Our lips touched and my heart sank.

My hand landed softly on his cheek as we went on a frenzy of slow, peck kisses. And I felt like I was pressing the repeat button again.

I pulled away from the kiss resting my forehead against his. He snaked his arms around me pulling me closer if it were even possible.

"I forgave you. So I might have another surprise for you." I said staring deep into his now low lustful eyes.

"Oh yeah? Is that correct," he said with a huge smirk upon his face.

"Yep," I said popping the p.

His eyes stayed on mine for a moment, analyzing me from my breast and back to my face. He came out of his gaze slapping his hands together one loud time before quickly walking to the door.

"Where are you going?!" I shouted after him confused.

"I'm takin' some more shit to the car, the faster we get out of here the better." I watched as he stacked two boxes on top of each other before hurrying out the door.

I giggled shaking my head. I can tell that somebody's excited about tonight. And I couldn't even lie, I was very much excited as well.

Oh, how I missed his touch, It's only been a couple of weeks but I was already ready to jump his bones again and I'm happy he felt the same.

Tonight's gonna be a memorable night for both him and me.


Once we got to the house we didn't waste any time. He was all over me and I was all over him.

Kissing, touching, and rubbing.

His hands gripped my ass tightly as he lifted me on top of the countertop. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck pulling him close to me. His lips moved to my neck and he started to suck on it.

I began to moan softly, rubbing his bald head slowly going in circles. He tore open my shirt exposing my breast, I watched as his eyes got low as he admired my breast.

"Your body is so perfect," he said lustfully, grabbing both of them in his hands.

I blushed hotly, before letting out a soft moan from his touch. "I want you, baby," I spoke just above a whisper.

"You want me, baby?" he whispered in my ear his husky voice sending chills down my spine.

"Mmm, yes." I moaned out in pleasure, arching my back from the thought of him just being inside me again.

"Tell daddy how bad you want it."

"I want it, bad daddy."

"How bad?" he questioned pressing himself against my already throbbing pussy making me shudder.

"I want it so bad daddy, mmm, just give it to me please!" I screeched out.

And with that, he slipped his tongue in my mouth and began to kiss me passionately. I kissed back, wrapping my legs around his torso.

"Mmm, I should beat your ass for teasing me like this." I spat, digging my nails into his back.

"Mmm, yeah you should."

I giggled at his lustful remark. He broke our kiss pulling his shirt over his head. I bit my lip admiring the sight in front of me. His body was so slim yet toned, and I just loved how his darker skin shined in the moonlight, damn I'm so crazy for this man.

"You like whatchu' see?"

I broke free from my gaze to see Birdie smirking at me. I giggled, blushing some more if it was even possible. "Maybe, come here." I grabbed him by his belt buckle pulling him close to me.

His lips pressed into mine roughly, making me instantly kiss back. I wrapped my arms back around his neck, deepening our already heated kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth with so much force, yet so much passion.

I moaned softly into his mouth, wrapping my legs tightly around his torso and without breaking the kiss I reached down and undid his belt. "Mmm, I missed this so much." I moaned into his ear.

"I missed it too," he mumbled into my neck before pushing himself inside of me.

A loud moan escaped my mouth as my legs fell numb. My nails sunk into his back as he pushed farther.

Damn...What does this man do to me?


June 25th, 1993

I woke up my cheek buried in Birdie's chest. I blinked a few times capturing my surroundings.

A small smile grew across my face as I remembered what happened last night. I closed my eyes enjoying the warmth of his body being against mine again.

Damn, I can't believe I'm back in his arms again. I can't keep going back and forth with him like this, it's not natural. I feel like we basically repeat the same cycle every week and I'm quite frankly sick of it.

I want him to be sweet before we get into an argument. I'm tired of hearing the same apology over and over again, I mean we've haven't been together for a long time and here we are, breaking up and making up like a long time couple who just won't let go of each other.

It's tiring.

We can not break up again because if we do, he's gonna find himself single. I mean I do care about him but I can't keep doing this. If I sleep in his arms one night I wanna be there the next and the one after that.

I don't wanna be a broken record anymore. I want a normal relationship and I want it to stay normal, I mean of course we'll have arguments but I don't want to get into such serious fights that we almost end the whole relationship.

He needs to stop saying awful thugs to me just because he's 'frustrated' or 'mad' it's unfair and it makes me feel unloved and I know that he probably doesn't love me yet, but how will we ever get to that if we're always fighting.

We have to work out or I'm done...

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