32. As good as gone.

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August 6th, 1993
Manhattan, New York


I woke up my vision blurry, sitting on the ground. I moaned, feeling drained, where the hell am I? I stood to my feet, feeling faint, I reached behind me grabbing onto the metal gate that I stood in front of so I wouldn't fall over.

My vision started to clear up as I checked my surroundings. I was in some busted up neighborhood, crackheads were walking past, drug dealers on the corners trying to deal drugs to everybody, even the kids.

I scrunched my face up in disgust, how the hell did I end up in this ghetto ass neighborhood.

I smelled my shirt and it recked badly of alcohol. I was drinking, shit, I must have blacked out...

I put my hand to my forehead as I started to feel dizzy. I slid down until I felt my bottom touch the cold ground. My eyes went to the ground my vision blurry as I started to doze off again. "Is that yo girl?" a familiar voice spoke out of nowhere.

I ignored the voice thinking maybe I was just hearing things. "No, it can't be she would never be caught dead over here." another voice spoke, shocking me.

Nic? What is she doing over here?

"Well, I think that you should go see because she damn sure look like her."

She kissed her teeth. "Fine, but I know it's not her."

I closed my eyes as I heard footsteps approaching me. I felt hands on my shoulders, then on my face. "Emoni?!" Nic yelled in a panic this time like she was anxious for an answer.

She must have called my name a few times, but I was too blocked out to hear her. "Emoni? What are you doing out here? Oh my god, are you okay?" she questioned, holding my head up.

"W-What am I doing out here?"

"I don't know girl, you tell me, are you okay?"

"I feel great, I just--." words fell short as vomit shot up out of me like a volcano.

Nic didn't seem to care as it got on her, she just moved to the side and grabbed my curly brown hair, pulling it back for me. "It's okay, let it all out," she said rubbing my back softly. "Michael, help me get her up."

Who did she say? I thought to myself as everything went black...


Condo Building 101

"Thank you," I spoke as Nic handed me a cup of green tea

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"Thank you," I spoke as Nic handed me a cup of green tea.

"Your welcome, boo." She said before sitting down.

'Boo, " I mocked. "That's such a stupid word." I spat, sipping my tea.

She fake smiled, looking as if she felt bad. "I'm sorry E, I know that he used to call you that."

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