"14" Skipity Skip

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I TOLD my mom I felt sick the next day so I didn't have to go to school. I'm glad I stayed home that day. Apparently Elisia stayed home as well. My phone buzzed with a new message from Skip.

'Can you come over?'

I typed out a reply.

'I'm supposed to be sick.'

He replied almost immediately as if it was urgent.

'Something doesn't feel right. Please just come over.'

I sighed to myself and got out of my bed I didn't bother to change out of my pajamas since it was just Skip so I threw on some sneakers and sneaked down the stairs hoping my mom didn't hear me, luckily I got outside without her seeing me. I got in my car and cranked the ignition and started driving to Skip's his house was about thirty minutes away. Suddenly I got a call from Skip. I answered and put it on speaker so I could use both hands to steer.

"Cole, dude I-I think someone's here." He was whispering.

"What do you mean someone's there? In your house?" I asked and I could hear Skip breathing heavily.

"Please hurry up, somebody is here!" His phone hung up with a beep. I pressed down on the gas pedal and went seventy the whole way to his house. When I got there my phone dinged with another message, this time it was Elisia.

'Skipity Skip, you're my best friend not his.'

I ran inside Skip's house, I dropped my phone at one point I can't remember the whole thing. I remember seeing a trail of blood, I remember calling the cops, and I remember seeing his body laying there with his eyes open and filled with fear.

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