ᴼ Prologue

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"WHAT IS your relationship with the defendant, Mr. Evanson?" A lawyer asks me with fierce eyes. My best friend was on trial, I was scared to death of this woman.

"Uh, she's one of my closest friends." That was true, wasn't it?

"Did you know about the murders she committed?" The lawyer asks and I hesitate but decide to tell the truth and nod.

"S-She said it was self defense so I didn't say anything." I stammer and wipe my sweating hands on my jeans.

"Are you nervous Cole?" The lawyer asks. I was resisting the urge to yell —"Yeah, I'm scared because you're asking questions that could get Elisia and I both arrested!"  — but I bit my tongue and held it in.

"Yeah I'm scared. My best friend is about to be convicted of murder." I say, a little louder than I'd wanted but the lawyer stayed calm.

"So you admit she's guilty? You know that she's going to be plead guilty." The lawyer says, she almost had a sinister look in her eyes.

"I did not say that." I mumble.

"Thank you, Mr. Evanson. I've heard enough."

"Wait. I'll tell you our story, okay?" I say, butterflies clawing their way up into my chest. The lawyer nods in approval and I begin...

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