"17" Roadtrip

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"KEEP EACH other safe, mom will be home soon. I love you." I say to my sisters who were still on the couch before I followed Elisia out of the house. I got in the car she was driving and took a deep breath before Elisia got in the drivers seat.

"Ready?" Elisia asks happily.She was smiling so I shot her a fake smile and nodded.

"What happens if the cops catch us?" I ask, secretly I was hoping the cops would catch us.

"They won't." She seemed rather confident.

"But what if they do." I edged on.

"If they do, we'll ditch the car and run on foot until we find a good place to hide them out." Elisia explains and pulls out of my driveway. I look back at my house and see Katelyn with her phone against her ear looking at the license plate. She catches my eye and I nod to tell her it was alright.

"What if they shoot?" I asked

"They won't shoot two teenagers." Elisia says and turns up the music so that I'd stop talking about the cops. I turned the music down and Elisia glanced at me.

"Where exactly are we going?"

"Anywhere, everywhere." She turned the music back up and started singing. I felt my phone vibrate and slowly pulled it out of my pocket. It was a message from Casey;

'Can we talk? I'm kind of lonely.'

I scrunched my eyebrows and texted back. 'Kinda busy, with Elisia.'

'Why are you with Elisia? Didn't she kill Skip like a week ago?'

'I have a plan, we'll talk later.'

I turned off my phone and put it in my pocket. I looked out of the window and sighed. I was in a car with a murderer and the only thing I could do was hope that the police would find us.

"I did it for you, you know." Elisia spoke and turned down the music once again.

"I killed Skip for you. I knew he was controlling, I knew you didn't want to be his friend, so I killed him." Elisia stated.

"Yeah, you're right." The guilt built up in my chest before I got the words out. I felt so bad for lying and I felt bad for not protecting Skip.

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