ˢᴱⱽᴱᴺ Skip

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THE SOCCER ball didn't really hurt me but apparently I blacked out for a good five seconds and my mom flipped out. They canceled the whole game because of me and Harley was not happy.

"Cole are you okay honey? You scared me." My mom asked when I got in the car. I nodded and held the ice that the paramedics gave me against my head.

"See, he's fine! So can we please finish the game?" Harley begged but my mom just ignored her complaints.

"Hey mom, can you drop me off at the diner? I'm supposed to meet Skip." At that exact moment, my phone buzzed with a message from Elisia; Wanna hang out? I'm bored. I replied saying that I was meeting a friend but we could later. Everytime I thought of Elisia, I thought of Matt. I don't even know if I would be comfortable hanging out with her only a day after we'd hidden a body.

"I didn't know you still spoke to Skip, he's such a good boy." Mom said, did I mention that my mom is really cliche? Except Skip isn't really what I'd consider a "good boy" but whatever. She turned into the parking lot to the diner, I jumped out and so did my sisters. My sisters make me hug them every time we seperate. I hugged Katelyn first, then Harley, then Riley, then Shirley. They told me bye and I walked into the diner. I immediately saw Skip at a booth with... Elisia? Why was Elisia here? I didn't know.

"Hey Cole! I met Elisia and she said you two were friends, I told her she could join our meal." Skip tells me and stands up. He holds out his fist hoping I still remembered our handshake. I did, but I couldn't look away from Elisia. I didn't even tell her where I was meeting Skip but apparently she already knew.

"What'd you do to your head man? That doesn't look good." Skip asks and pushes my hair away from the bruise. Skip had always been the type to worry over nothing. I pushed his hand away.

"I'm okay, Harley kicked a soccer ball straight at me and I wasn't paying attention." I sit down in the booth beside Elisia and she smiles. Skip sits across from us.

"So, how's the family?" Skip asked me and I shrug.

"Um, Katelyn is still annoying, Harley is obsessed with boys and soccer, Riley is practicing to be an enchanted princess, and Shirley wants to start ballet. Mom is just Mom." I say and Skip looks confused.

"Who's Shirley? Do you have another sister that I wasn't aware of? Dude!" Skip holds a hand to his heart pretending to be offended.

"How long has it been?" I asked and Skip shrugged.

"Probably around five, six years? Last time I saw you in person we were celebrating our eleventh birthday together." Skip said and I look at him in disbelief.

"Oh wow." I mumbled. Skip didn't know that my dad left, Skip was always extremely fond of my dad. I hoped he didn't bring it up.

"What about you, Skip? How's your family?" I ask trying to get away from talking about me. I'm trying not to look at Elisia because if I did I would probably yell at her for various things. Like making me hide a body of someone she killed. Or for not giving me time away from her to just hang out with Skip.

"Well, my parents just adopted a foreign exchange student from Scotland, his name's Dillon, I'm still an only child, other than Dillon of course, and my parents are still pretty happy I guess." Skip says and I nod. Finally I glance at Elisia and she smiles up at me and lays her head on my shoulder.

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