¹ Elisia

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Elisia stood out from the crowd of people roaming the school corridors. She was naturally gorgeous without even trying. She was fighting with her friends about prom, which was coming up rather quickly.
I've been a student at Mallwood high school for about three years but every year people asked me if I was new. I didn't have any friends, I was a loner. It never bothered me that I had no friends, I work better alone, so when Elisia wanted to be my friend I was extremely awkward at first. Elisia's friend, Casey Johanson, was drilling her about finding a prom date. I didn't want to interrupt their conversation but of course, I just had to accidentally drop a chemistry book and draw their attention towards me.

"New boy! Hi! Can I ask you a question?" Casey asked me and didn't even allow me to answer before she asked her question. "Do you think it's weird to go to prom with a friend, prom is a time for couples right?"

"I-I think it's okay to go to prom with a friend, I don't see anything wrong with it." I replied, I was being honest.

"Weirdo." Casey rolled her eyes and walked away, leaving Elisia and I alone in the hallway.

"What's her problem?" I asked Elisia.

"She just doesn't want me to go to prom alone. She's just looking out for me." Elisia shrugs and holds out her hand. "I'm Elisia Hart."

I took her hand and shook it. "I know. I've been in your math class for the past two years. I'm Cole Evanson."

"Really? I thought you were new. Sorry." Elisia apologized like it was her fault, but it wasn't.

"No it's okay, I get asked if I'm new every year, except the year I actually did move here nobody asked." I laughed and she smiled. Her smile was hard to forget.

"Can I sit with you at lunch? Would your friends mind?" Elisia asked me.

"What friends?" I laughed and so did she. "I've gotta get to Chem, see you at lunch then."

Elisia bit her lip while still grinning and nodded.

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