"20" Epilogue

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"THAT's THE whole truth. That's all I remember." For a moment I make eye contact with Elisia. She looked terrible, she looked at me like she hated me and it stung.

"I'm sorry about your leg Mr. Evanston." The lawyer says and I shrug. I turn my gaze back to Elisia.

"Elisia, you were my best friend, that was completely true. I still love you like a friend, even if you don't want me to, I'll visit until I go off to college." I say and Elisia's gaze softens.

"Please don't confer with the defendant Mr. Evanston." The lawyer tells me and I drop my gaze.

"Sorry." I mumble "Can I be excused? I have to go prom dress shopping with Casey."

"You are free to leave Cole, thank you for your help." The lawyer says and I nod. I grab my cane and start to step down from the platform, a police officer tries to help but I snap a "I got it." at him and he backs off. I glanced at Elisia one more time and I swear I saw her smile.

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