"15" Weekly Depression

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I DIDN'T cope well at all. I lashed out at everyone that tried to comfort me. Skip's autopsy showed that he was strangled, his murder is still being investigated. I cried almost twice a day for the week following Skip's death. I didn't go to school at all, I'd missed all week but the principal understood why. Elisia wouldn't leave me alone, she constantly called and texted even when I didn't answer or reply. She even showed up to my house a few times but my sisters all made her leave. I hadn't spoken to Casey since the coffee shop but I'm sure she knows what happened to Skip. I didn't show the police the message Elisia sent me before I found Skip, for some reason, I didn't want her to go to
jail even though she's killed two innocent people, one of which was my best friend. My phone vibrated with another message from Elisia;

'I'm coming over.'

I ignored the message and groaned into my pillow as Shirley came into my room and handed me a picture. I took it from her and smiled I hugged her tighter than I ever could have before. She'd drawn a picture of me and Skip, of course it was awful because Shirley was only five, but I loved it.

"Thank you so much Shirl, i love it." I say and she grinned.

"Katelyn helped." She says.

"Tell Katelyn I said thanks." I say. Shirley waddles out of my room happily enjoying the fact that I liked her picture. I heard the doorbell ring downstairs
and groaned again. I waited a few minutes before I heard Riley yelling for me. I walked down the steps and saw Elisia grinning at the door.

"You four go back to your rooms." I tell my sisters and they obey since I was in charge while my mom was at work. Once they were all safely in their rooms I faced Elisia. "Get out."

"What? I wanted to see you, you haven't spoken to me in a week." Elisia pouted.

"I wonder why I haven't spoken to you, probably because you are fucking crazy." I lowered my voice so my sisters couldn't hear.

"Do not call me crazy Cole, I am not crazy." Elisia warned but I wasn't done.

"You're right Elisia, you're not crazy, you just killed my best friend for no reason and just expected me to cover for you. Well guess what, I'm not covering anymore I'm going to call the cops and tell them everything even if it gets me arrested because I'm done with your shit Elisia!" I yelled, I didn't care if my sisters heard anymore.

"You don't want to do that Cole." Elisia clenched her teeth but didn't continue.

"Oh yeah? Or what? You're gonna kill me like you killed Matt? Blame it on rape?" I yelled and Elisia closed her eyes and I saw her anger build up. "You're a psychopath Elisia, a murderer! All of the symptoms are there! You just have to actually try to get help!"

"Not all psychopaths are murderers, you got involved with the wrong one." Elisia opened her eyes and looked at him before letting herself inside and closing the door.

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