"18" The Part Where I Get Shot

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WE DROVE for almost two hours. I was beginning to lose hope and I was seriously beginning to hate Britney Spears which is apparently the only songs Elisia listens to. I didn't think the police would ever find us until I saw blue lights and a siren behind us. I almost smiled but stopped myself last minute. Elisia didn't think twice before gassing it, I held on tight to my seat. More cop cars appeared behind us.

"What happened to going on foot?" I yell over the sirens.

"We have to get back into a town so that there's places to hide." Elisia says and goes faster. I knew that this was going to end well, we would either wreck or get arrested. I hoped it was the second one. Once we got into a town Elisia drifted into an alley and yelled at me to get out of the car. I did but I didn't follow Elisia, I went towards the cops.

"Cole! This way!" Elisia screamed and ran back to me and grabbed my hand. Then we heard the gunshot and my leg buckled. Elisia screamed as I lay in a puddle of red coming from my thigh. Elisia dropped beside me and put her hands against the hole in my leg.

"Hands up!"

I raised my hands in pain but Elisia still had her hands on my leg. Cops ran over to Elisia and pulled her away from me. Of course, she struggled and screamed but eventually they had her in handcuffs. A paramedic came to me and put me on a stretcher while another man kept pressure on my thigh. Everything else that happened was a complete blur, I didn't remember anything except waking up in a hospital.

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