Chapter 2: Just Blending In

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Something pecking at my cheek pulled me from my sleep. Sensing the bright light I squeezed my eyelids shut tightly and brought a stiff hand up to rub them. While I welcomed the sensation of rubbing my eyes, a loud and long groan escaped me from the stiffness of my muscles.

Blinking my eyes open I stared up in a daze as a bird flew off and looked up at the trees towering over me. Turning my head softly I looked around me. Trees and bushes surrounded me, a blade of grass tickled my nose making me blow it away before sitting up. Brushing a hand through my hair I felt leaves fall away as well as a few twigs. I pulled myself to my feet with a low groan as my muscles strained in protest.

A frown pulled at my lips as I looked around my nose crinkling as confusion came over me.

The confusion lasted a few seconds before my memory jogged into place. The pirate Zoro and I were fighting. Clearly he won, and he managed to send me somewhere.

"Shit." I muttered, my voice raspy.

What about my crew? I know I heard them as well before I fell through that hole.

"Hey," I jumped, my eyes widening as I looked up to see a frumpy man with tired eyes. His long black hair looked untamed and his outfit contained only one color which wasn't even technically a color, and around his neck was a long scarf which was weird because it wasn't even cold. If I was to guess, it looked like he didn't care what people thought about him. I respect that. "You're going to be late. Did you get lost?"

If I stared long enough, and imagined his hair was shorter, he almost reminded me of Mamoru.

Immediately my habit of denying such questions came out. "No! Someone gave me the wrong directions!"

He stared at me before sighing. "Come on, don't waste time. It's over here."

Not sure what to expect, I quickly walked after him. I kept my body tense in case he tried to attack me.

His eyes trailed to me once more, landing on my bare feet. He frowned, staring at them for a moment before looking at me. "Where are your shoes?"

I waved my hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it."

He walked me back towards a crowd, which consisted of a bunch of nicely dressed teens. They all oozed of anxiety and worry, perhaps with the exception of a few who contained bounds of confidence. I frowned, turning to look at the man, only for him to walk away.

"Don't let lost again."

My mouth shut and I puffed out my cheeks. "Why did you leave me with children?"

A shoulder bumped into mine harshly making me stumble forward slightly. Looking up I saw a spiky blonde glaring at me as he continued to walk, he was one of the few who were overfilled with confidence.

"Watch where you're going." He growled.

My eye twitched as I glared back at him. "You askin' for a fight?" However as he continued walking my question went unanswered. Growling in annoyance I took a deep breath to try to calm down. "What the fuck is even going on?"

Grabbing at the next kid to walk around me, I stared at him dully. His purple hair was untamed, sticking up in the air as if he just woke up like that. However it looked like he never sleeps to begin with, going from the deep dark bags under his eyes. "Where do we go?"

He blinked at me, "What?"

"Where are we supposed to go?" I tried again, "Also, what is-"

"Two minutes before the doors close!"

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