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This is before the plot of this story

When he woke up, he hadn't expected to be surrounded by such strange looking people. Nor did he expect to be on solid ground, last he remembered he was on a ship. Also, why is everything so loud?

Sitting up from his spot on the ground, he looked around groggily. His body hurt and he had absolutely no clue where his crew was, which wasn't a good sign given the fact that he was the navigator.

Then an even stranger realization came to him. The eyepatch that he normally wore has fallen off. While that wasn't new to him, it was more along the lines that he could actually see out of his eye.

The eye that he had lost.

Standing up, he staggered to his feet his eye squinting shut as a pounding came to his head for a moment. Once he was on his two feet another realization hit him, deepening his scowl.

His clothes were baggy on him, and it appeared that he had shrunk. Certainly he was taller than this?

"Are you okay?"

He snapped his head up to glare at the voice, not faltering when he saw some strange animal that resembled some strange mix of a bear or a mouse or a dog. With his Captain, he's seen plenty of strange things already.

"Where am I?" He demanded, his eyes widening at how much higher his voice was. "What the hell." He muttered, scowling as he looked down in confusion.

Now he was absolutely positive he had gone through puberty already.

"You're in Japan, oh dear, have you lost your memory perhaps?" The animal peered closer, waving off other people in strange costumes as they tried to peer closer.

"Japan?" He shook his head, having never heard of such an island. "Are we on the grandline?"

Though there was a slight ting of concern, he almost swore he saw a gleam of pleasure go though the animal's eyes at his struggle.

"Let's start off slower, what's your name?"

"Mamoru." He answered, scowling as he heard his voice again. "Also, how old do I look right now? Because I definitly dont feel nineteen anymore."

The animal's eyes widened more and he smiled pleasantly. "Oh you definitly are not nineteen. At most you look thirteen. Do you remember how you got on this intersection?"

Mamoru looked around, thirteen still ringing in his ears. He could make out the strange large metal contraptions around him, as well as the crowd of people looking him over. White paint lined the stone ground around him.

He thought back to what he last remembered.

His idiotic Captain had gotten in an argument with a passing pirate. The woman in charge hadn't liked his attitude and ended up attacking, aiming to sink their ship.

Mamoru found himself in front of a child. He didn't look like much, though he had a strange voice, it sounded older than the twelve or thirteen year old. Mamoru hadn't gotten a punch in before he was surrounded by darkness.

Then he remembered pain and waking up.

"A Devil Fruit user." Mamoru answered with an annoyed sigh. "They changed my age I think."

The information both confused and intrigued the animal hero. He hadn't expected to run into such a strange situation in his way to the school. However now he wanted to know more. Especially about this so called devil fruit.

"Your answers are just bringing up more questions it seems." The animal mused, finally holding out a paw. "Oh, yes! I'm Nezu! Am I a dog, or a mouse, or a bear? You simply don't know!"

Mamoru scowled at Nezu, to which the animal snickered to.

"Allow me to talk to the police for a moment, and I'll inform you of what is to happen."

Mamoru crossed his arms, not happy with being told what to do. He only allowed one idiot to do that, and that simply put was his Captain.

"And what does that matter? I'm correct to assume I didn't break any laws, so I shouldn't be contained." He at least hoped they hadn't seen his bounty yet. From what he remember it had just gone up. Mamoru blamed Rayleigh.

"Of course not!" Nezu denied, shaking his head though he smiled. "But you are a minor, and I can't leave you without supervision. By chance, what is your quirk?"

Mamoru crinkled his nose and scowled deeper. "I'm not quirky, if anything you are."

Nezu simply laughed and waved his hand. "We'll get to that later. Give me a moment."

With another wave, Nazu walked away from Mamoru. The boy scowled and looked down at himself once more.

Everything was smaller. He hated being this small again, he had worked hard to grow as tall as he had. All of that only to be aged down. A groan escaped him at the thought of having to go through puberty again.

The murmuring around him drew his attention. People were surrounding the street. While there were less than before, it was still a considerable amount.

The weird part was how weird almost all of them looked. Some had strange animal attributes, others had wings, or hornes. On occasion there were some that appeared normal.

How did so many people have devil fruit powers? Mamoru was under the impression that obtaining a devil fruit was hard. Besides that, what idiot would give away their ability to swim?

Realization struck him and he looked down with widened eyes. Turning around he looked in a circle before sighing in annoyance. His axe was gone. He's have to rely on haki for now.

"Wonderful news!" Mamoru glanced back at Nezu as he approached with a smile on his face. "I was given temporarily cousity of you, so you'll be returning with me. Let's go, and while you're at it you can inform me of all these details. First, what's a devil fruit?"

Mamoru scowled at the animal who was shorter than him. He didn't need anyone to take care of him, he was an adult. He was a pirate who took care of himself and the crew. The idiot's were probably already lost without him there.

However, a more troubling matter had hit his head. Nezu had no idea about devil fruits, nor did he know about the grandline which was common knowledge. He had mentioned some place called Japan, which Mamoru has never heard of. He even mentioned so.ething about a quirk and police. Never once has he mentioned the marines, nor has he mentioned Mamoru's bounty.

"Have you heard of pirates?"

Nezu blinked, "Those fictional characters with eyepatches?"

Mamoru's eye twitched and his scowl deepened. "Not everyone had an eyepatch. What about the grandline? Marines?"

Perhaps he was wrong. Maybe Nezu did know and just handn't really mentioned it.

"No, I'm afraid I've never heard of such things. Surely you know we don't rely on Marines. We have Heros who help the police."

Mamoru sighed, "Ah, I think I know what happened. Though I don't think you'll believe me."


End of Prologue

I want planning up posting this yet, but it's my birthday and I figured why not?

This story will include Katsu, but I thought it would be fun to include a few Mamoru moments too.

This is not edited.

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