Chapter 3: What the hell is a Quirk?

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When I walked through the hall, I had prepared myself to be in a fight with marines. Instead I found the long haired homeless guy and a talking... dog? bear? Some kind of white animal which talked, he reminded me of Chopper, just less cute.

Only after a few moments of tense silence I spoke, "Are the marines coming or something?"

This caused them both to blink at me in confusion, though less expression came from the homeless guy who looked far too tired to really care. "No." He stated blandly. "How did you get in here? You're not in any entrance exam records." His tied eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"I woke up." I stated simply, frowning at him. "Then you showed me the group of kids. I followed Mr. Tired and took down the robots, which by the way I think need improvement."

"You woke up on school grounds?" The chopper look alike asked, "Also, you, yourself, are a child, so why do you refer to your peers as children?"

I squinted at him, frowning. "What devil fruit did you eat? I know Chopper ate the human human fruit, so it can't be that one. Also, yeah. Whatever this place is, I woke up here. I'm actually quite confused as to where I am." Then I scowled at him, thinking over his last question. "Clearly, I'm not a kid. I mean really?"

I looked down to make an emphasis but pales at the sight. My clothes were a little bigger and I had shrunk. "My boobs!" I shouted, my eyes widening as i looked down my poncho at my bra, which was far looser than before. "No way! I look fucking fifteen again?!"

Looking to my arm in slight panic I released a sigh of relief as the tattoo was still in place. At least the brand wasn't out for show. Sadly it appeared that I had lost my six-pack, but I suppose I could just train to get that back for now. However, I was definitely shorter now and my boobs had indeed gotten smaller, and there was nothing I could do about that except wait.

"Hmm," Fake Chopper mused, "were you perhaps hit by a de-aging quirk?"

I scowled at the animal, crossing my arms. "What the fuck is a quirk? Listen, I go shoe-less, okay? I know it's weird, but if you wanna talk with me just accept it an-"

"Not that." Homeless sighed, "Your quirk?"

I stared at him blankly. He asks this as if I didn't just go on a mini rant, which he rudely interrupted.

"She really doesn't know what a quirk is." Fake Chopper whispered.

"Listen. Some devil fruit user came up to Zoro and I." I explained, "I was reckless and fell through his portal. Needless to say I woke up here."

They stared at me for a moment. While Fake Chopper seemed to piece things together in his head, Homeless looked mildly concerned.

"I see! What I'm hearing sounds just like a case that happened quite a few years ago. Some man fell out of a portal in the middle of the streets in a busy intersection. He claimed to be a navigator of a pirate ship and ran into someone with a quirk of some sort. I believe he even mentioned something about a devil fruit." There was a small smile on his face, which made him look friendly.

"He too, if I remember correctly, claimed that his age had changed. I was there to bring him into the school as his age was the same as yours, if not a year or two younger." Then he sighed, "He was here for about three years before he was suddenly sent elsewhere. I still wonder if Mamoru ever made it back home."

I froze at the name. There were too many clues hinting of that being the same as my Mamoru. Sometime during his time with the crew Rayleigh told me Mamoru went missing for a couple of months.

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