Chapter 11: Mr. Boom Boom Buys Me Food

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It was relieving that Bakugo lead us to a restaurant, we would have been in trouble had I taken the lead. Not just because of my directional issues, but also because I just don't know this place that well yet.

To make everything better, Kirishima had tagged along, and I didn't have to pay!

Of course, even if either didn't offer to pay I would have just dined and dashed. Luffy had introduced me to that lifestyle, though we did try to pay most of the time. Mamoru wasn't one that approved of dining and dashing, I've seen him hunt down pirates within seconds after they try to.

Bakugo sat across from me and Kirishima. My fellow red head was going to sit beside the blonde, but he was quickly shoved out of his seat. The angry boy didn't appear as angry as he normally appeared while in class, instead he had a calm irritated air around him. Perhaps that was his normal self and he just naturally appeared irritated.

"Your world is definitely a lot different from mine." I said as I looked at the rectangular device in Kirishima's hand. It was lit up and colorful candies were displayed as the boy drew lines connecting them. "What the hell is that?"

"Candy Crush." Kirishima answered, sighing as it appeared he failed and all the candied dropped from the screen. He clicked a button on the side and the light went off. "Sorry, I shouldn't be on my phone while we're here."

"What's a phone?" I asked, pausing as they both looked at me in bewilderment.

Kirishima held up the rectangular device, "This is a phone."

I shook my head, "No, you said that's Candy Crush."

"Holy shit you're stupid." Bakugo blinked at me.

"Eh?!" I snapped my head to glare at him. "You wanna fight me?!"

Immediately Bakugo's teeth bared and he held up his palms as small explosions erupted from his hands. "I'll kick your ass!"

Kirishima laughed, patting my shoulder and shaking his head. "You were gonna tell us more about your world? Like, who you really are, and how you got here?"

Plopping back down in the seat, I let out a huff. Across from me Bakugo lowered his hands and resorted to just glaring. Kirishima was right, I wasn't here to fight. Besides, I should try to abide by any laws for as long as I am here. I need to be on the heroes side to be able to get information on how to get back home.

"There's not much to know really. I'm the artist of my crew, the Straw Hat Pirates. Our Captain is some crazy guy, but the good kind of crazy that you can't help but follow." Kirishima nodded in understanding while Bakugo looked at me like I was insane.

If I was to place a bet on anything, Bakugo would be the crazy, and rather angry, leader in a similar situation.

"When I joined his crew, about two years ago, I joined because his hat made me remember something. If it wasn't for me meeting and joining that crew I don't think I would have any memory back."

"Wait, what?" Kirishima blinked, shaking his head.

"You had amnesia?" Bakugo cut in.

I nodded, pausing as some drinks were placed at our table. "Yeah, some marine guy experimented on me as a kid and, I'm assuming, wiped my memory. Katsu isn't my birth name, but I've gone by it for so long it's basically my name now."

Kirishima looked horrified and sad. "You were experimented on as a kid? Was he arrested?"

I rolled my eyes, glancing down at the bubble drink Kirishima had ordered for me. It was bright orange and bubbles rose to the top. "He works for the world government. I was a kid of a pirate. Their point of view is along the lines of I would immediately be placed in impel down, or executed. Which would make this a mercy, as I would then be used as a government weapon." I pointed to my drink, "What is this again?"

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