Chapter 9: Hero Class isn't the Worst

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It was quite upsetting, but I had missed lunch. After I left Nezu's office I ended up in front of classroom 1A. By then everyone was coming back from lunch, at least from what I was told anyway.

The only thing that saved me were the oranges I had packed earlier. Those were the real heroes here.

Though, I wonder how long I can survive on oranges? I'm already at the point I wouldn't mind some meat.

"I have..." I jumped at the booming, overly deep, male voice. "Come through the door like normal!"

I blinked, my cheeks puffed out from the oranges I had stuffed in my mouth. Some over muscularly guy in red spandex and a cape had just leaped into the classroom. His face was also muscular, creating a dramatic shadowing over it as he smiled widely. His hair was blonde and slicked back, save for the two long bands which defied gravity.

"Who the fuck is this guy?" I asked before stuffing more oranges in my mouth. He looks like he's related to that guy I met earlier, the sickly looking one. Perhaps this one is his brother? They feel really similar.

The boy sitting beside me frowned at me as he watched me shove another orange into my mouth. Skin and all. It pleased me that it appeared to disturbed him as I ate it as a whole.  His hair had been fun for me to draw, it was split in two in terms of one side being red and the other being white. If the white part was green I would have joked that he was Zoro's and my future child. A large scar settled on one side of his face, it looked like a burn mark. I haven't really talked to him yet though, so I can't confirm anything on the scar.

"All Might really does teach here!"

"That's his silver age costume!"

"I can't believe it's really All Might!"

I curled my lip. All Might? That seems like a hero name for someone with a big ego.

"Welcome to Basic Hero Training!" He bellowed, "The class that'll put you through all sorts of special training to mold you into heroes!"

How has he not dropped that giant smile?

"No time to dally! Today's activity is this!" He pulled out a card that read 'Battle'. "Battle training!"

I grinned, sitting up straighter. Finally! For heroes these people don't battle or train as much as they should.

"And for that you need these!" He pushed a button on a remote and the wall on the side opened to show numbered cases. "In accordance with the quirk registry and the special request forms you filled out before being admitted..."

"Costumes!!" The class cheered.

"After you change, come out in ranking order to ground beta!"

I waited for everyone to grab a case before I grabbed one myself. Apparently I'm number 21.

"Katsu! Let's go!" I turned around to see the girls waiting for me at the door. They all beamed with excitement as they clutched their numbered case.

Did they know about my directional issues?

"Ah, coming!" I smiled.


Perhaps I drew the top part of my costume too tight fitting. I'm fairly positive I had enough detain to show that it was supposed to be somewhat of a crop top. I know I didn't draw it skin tight. They didn't listen to me, and instead gave me a second skin!

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